Thursday, February 17, 2011

India Flint, Jill Gunn and Debbie Leung

"EARTHWAULKS" Exhibition
Pataka City Gallery
January 2011

India Flint
Pieced together from fragments of prefelt and woven remnants collected in
various places around the world. It is a garment devised for forest wandering.

title unkown
Jill Gunn

"Golden Era"
Debbie Leung
Gardenia wrap - silk laps felted with merino wool, lace, wool yarn,
silk fabric piece dyed with gardenia.
2.8m(l) x 8m(w)

"Golden Era" detail
Debbie Leung

Pataka recently held an exhibition of eco-dyed textile offerings. "Earthwaulks" was created by a group of textile artists brought together by a love of eco-dyed textiles, a method of dyeing cloth by artist India Flint

These are the three works that stood out for me. Jill's work is always executed to a high finish. It makes you stop and think "How do you do that?" Debbie's bright clean yellow colour derives from the gardenia, a flower I love. It caught my eye because its a plant I hadn't seen used before. That made it interesting. And finally, India's dress was beautiful. Thousands of hand stitches and intricate piecing. It was familiar, a classic piece of her signature work. I stood enthralled wanting to touch it (that's the problem with textiles in exhibitions, textiles being tactile and all!).

Of course, taste is a personal thing. I just really like these ones. You can follow the link here to "Aotearoa Feltsisters" to view more photos and information about the artists above and others the exhibition.

I had another wonderful encounter with India just before Xmas last year. We walked the beach, we talked, we collected sea leavings, we shared, she stitched, Richard sang.

She is rather magical. A second book is due out this year. Her first is well thumbed in our home.

And if you get the opportunity to do one of India's workshops, I encourage you to do so. She's an amazing person.

India's blog can be found here

India's website can be found here

A worldwide stitching circle

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