Thursday, February 28, 2008

10 Things I am grateful for ...

1. Faith.

2. My family - I let them down, make mistakes, get grumpy, sound mean, am impatient, forgetful, disorganised, tired and they love me anyways.

3. Cheerleaders - I have a few of those in my life. My angels that cheer for me from the grandstands.

4. My mum. She believes in me and backs me up - and distance is no obstacle. She has thrown all that she has and is behind me, no small feat from another country. And while we don't always see eye to eye about everything (and who does?), she doesn't pack a sad or force her opinions on me. Wish I could say the same. She's become very respectful and supportive. Hooray for mums I say, especially now that I am one too.

5. Expression. I wasn't there but I just bet I came into the world kicking up a fuss and I haven't stopped. I love that I can articulate, communicate, write, create, photograph anything I want to. Ever since I was little, I could use words. I read 'Papillon' when I was about 12. Go figure. Recently I feel that I have a little more self-control and awareness in this area (thanks Coral), tempered with the understanding that I can influence things. This blog is full-blown expression. Taking the lid off my life, hoping that it may help or inspire someone else, and help my family overseas to see into our lives and my heart.

6. Coffee. (and a wee slice or piece of cake too if possible).

7. My little home here on the hill overlooking the harbour and looking across to the hills on the other side. The big big sky outside my windows and the feeling that if I stand on my roof, I might be able to touch a piece of it. I certainly take enough photos of the sky.

8. The freedom I have to do what I love - art and my family and meeting so many amazing people. I love my life, it's packed to the hilt with so much stuff.

9. The library. I love books. Maybe I'll write one some day. What do you think?

10. My camera. My viewfinder, my other 'eye', my instant moment-catcher.

It all sounds rather self-centred and materialistic but actually for the first time in my life, I am finally following my own mind about things and not worrying about what people think or worrying if they will understand. My own neurotic thoughts seemed to have been stilled and I am so much more calmer. My mum told me in one of our last phone calls that I should just follow my heart no matter what others think of me. I am 37 next week but it feels like I am finally here with both feet on the ground, a clear conscience and peace in my heart.

What are you grateful for??? Reply with a gratitude list and I may just send something in the post to the first person for your efforts. I have some vintage wallpaper, NZ stamps, Tapa cloth, a bit of felt and bits and pieces for collages - a wee bag of collage papers and fibres. I can post them out if that appeals to you. So go on, there's a challenge for you. Click on 'comments' and leave your list.

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ArtPropelled said...

10 things I am grateful for:
1. My family
2. Still having my husband with me after his torrid battle with cancer.
3. Art, Art, Art!
4. The internet choc full of art and knowledge and wonderful blogs like yours.
5. Books
6. Being able to make a living from my art.
7. Coffee....and chocolate truffles...and chocolate anything.
8. Autumn
9. Electricity (Daily power outages make me extremely grateful when the power comes back on)
10. Spiritual curiosity
(In no particular order)