Tuesday, February 26, 2008

COMMENTS ... update!

I was fumbling around (actually procrastinating putting out my three loads of wet washing) and I stumbled onto 'comments' edit page. I clicked on 'anyone' so i am hoping that ANYONE can now leave a comment after they read a post. Try it please so I can see if it works. Click on the word 'comments' at the bottom of this post and try leaving a message. Make sure to leave some kind of contact in the email field, as I am sure it is confidential, so I can get back to you. So no excuses now ok, all you lurkers. That's what they call people who read blogs and don't leave messages or can't leave messages. Lurkers. Well, ex-lurkers now hey. So now that I regularly put my foot in it, you can too. Hmmm, my feet are looking old these days. Starting to notice these things. An extra line when I smile, my frown line that never goes away, dry old feet, grey hairs, and boy am I tired. Ok, so leave a message and it might cheer up this old woman.

1 comment:

Alaine said...

Loved the "feet" photo! It reminded me of my daughter's photo she took while on her honeymoon. Both she and hubby had their feet together, hanging off a hammock; such love; bliss!