Friday, February 29, 2008

seven pink ladies and one ezra ...

Today I had an important date with seven little girls. My friend's Madison and Coral helped me prepare a fun day. Each girl got a pink pack when she arrived with lipgloss, stickers, pink sparkly hairclip and a few sweets. Then Madison did makeup and I did nail polish ("soft pink or dark pink?"). Then we played some games, went to McDonalds for ice creams with a flake, then the park to play, then back home for some 'pink' food and finished off with Barbie Island Princess movie. Madison gave us a tour of her beautiful room. (When I was Madison's age, I was sharing my grandmothers room and I loved all her face creams, earrings and Chanel No 5 perfume.)

The whole day was pretty, beautiful and gorgeous. And silly me, guess who didn't take a photo of herself in her flowers and lei? Poor Maddy hurt her foot at the end of the party, I hope she is ok now but she was a trooper and managed to say goodbye to her guests. I think I'd like to do it again but do some art stuff too. We ran out of time today.

I loved the girls dressing up and coming in their pink party clothes. Mum's letting me know during the week about their little girl's excitement for the coming Pink Party. One arrived in her full ballet regalia and had polished her nails the night before. It was fun although I have to admit, that because I have son's, well, I wasn't quite prepared for the 'girly' attitudes. Girls are soooooo different. They talk for a start, which is pretty cool.

I loved the way the girls played the games and got all excited about things. They were screaming on the rides at the park which was a hoot - literally screaming as they spun on the roundabout, spun in the teacup, spun on the stick-thing - SEVEN GIRLS ALL SCREAMING. Still I loved it because it was 'happy' noise. Um, one thing, not a good idea to take kids to the park and spin on things straight after ice creams. Did I mention I love, love, loved it?!

I dropped a few of the kids home later and we did some crafts, beading and sewing.

Then on the way home, I got a phone call from my three boys (husband and sons) to pick up a pot of my favourite body cream for my birthday plus to order whatever Chinese food I wanted. We are all tired, it's raining and a really nice night to stay home and snuggle down. The boys celebrated with me early because my man will be way down the South Island on Tuesday.

Finally, let me take you on a visual tour of one of my favourite stores.

Welcome to Lush at the Porirua Shopping Mall. Thanks to Anna and Laura for my gift wrapped pot and allowing me a little artistic licence in your store today. Their products are all made without that yucky petroleum stuff other companies use and there mag says that there is no testing on animals. They also have these yummy fresh facial masks that I want to try, made up each week and left on ice. It looks good too. Enough talk, on with the tour.

Here's their soap (snap, I'm a 'Boheem' too) ...

How delicious are these bars of soap? I want to eat them. They smell so good.

And I thought to myself, if only it were so simple, 'Happy' soap. Imagine, having a shower and feeling instantly happy, no matter what is going on in your life. Then all us therapists would be out of a job. Truly, I wish! Still, it did smell happy, if that's what happy smells like. I think I'm a "moaning mini" sometimes, perhaps I should direct my husband to this stand.

A big deep bath full of fizz, bubbles and sweet scents anyone? Some with sparkles, others dried flowers and lots and lots of gorgeous scent.

I found my birthday cake! Yummy roses butter cream. This is a favourite of mine too. And the lemon one. And the coconut one. I would lick it if it wasn't made of soap, I swear!

Or how about "Temple of Truth", "Frosty Glitter" or "Marzipan", which all sound like exotic dishes, fit for a party table.

And these gold bars sparkling like treasure from Indiana Jones, Temple of Doom.

Here are the two lovely ladies who served me, Anna and Laura.

And finally a wall of delightful little packages awaiting lots of lucky women and a few men too.

This is my favourite scent. Being the hippy-girl that I am, I love the orange scented spicey mix of Karma Kream. It must be one of the more aromatic products in store. Just love love love it. I got my first pot today, after waiting over two years for it. Now, when people say I smell nice, I'll say "it's my Karma baby".

So a pink party, lots of little girl friends and a pot of Karma Kream. ... Happy Birthday to me!


india flint said...

mmm which i was introduced by Cleo...and to which i am now addicted. the little perfume tin 'honey i washed the kids' is fantastic, as is the Karma cream, and the Mange Too (even though the french pudding it is named after is properly called Mange Tout, meaning 'eat it all!'). the latter lives in my suitcase making it smell fantabulous all the time....

ArtPropelled said...

Happy Birthday Rachelle and thank you for the browse around Lush. I just wish I could get a whiff of all those delicious fragrances.