Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Sweet Little Girls ...

I have two sons. These are not them. These wee girls are Maia and Annie B. They belong to my dear friend Wini. They were off to see grandma so dressed in their pretty dresses when I called in on Monday with theBoy2. To top it off, they have a fully equipped playhouse in their yard. So dinky. A spider, screams from the girls, and my boy just laughing his head off cause it wasn't even a big spider and he's surrounded by screaming girls.
Playing house.
What is it about these floral dresses that make me sigh. Mind you, no more babies for me. I am done (as far as I know that is) even though theMan wouldn't mind some more. So for now we enjoy our friends wee ones. Sweet little Annie B always has a smile and runs to me and greets me like I'm a long lost friend as she wraps her chubby arms around me. It sure is a nice way to be greeted. I'm brainwashing her to call me Aunty Beautiful and theMan Uncle Handsome. I swear this story is true. This is Maia and she is holding her 'boyfriend'. "I'm going to marry him" she said, "and look what I can do" as she laid her 'boyfriend' on the ground and walked all over him. Hmmmm ... I swear it had nothing to do with me. I used to put net curtains over my head (still attached to the window of course) and pretend I was getting married when I was small (ok, so maybe every now and then when no one is looking).

And this adorable big girl, well, it's the girls mum and one of my best friends Wini. (Actually all my friends are my best friends - what other kind of friend is there??) My partner in crime for op shops, she has SEVEN children. Plus me. When I am tired, she takes care of me. Feeds me. Opens her home to me. I adore her. Funny though, when I am starting to come alive at night, she is drooping and falling over. Definitely a morning girl.

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