Tuesday, March 18, 2008

10 more things I am grateful for ...

The Redwood Forest in Rotorua where I collected windfallen branches and moss, and my kids had a fantail fly down and investigate their faces for a few minutes. Magical.
1. My husband who listens and doesn't judge.
2. My home and sanctuary.
3. Friends who support, encourage and inspire. (Thanks for coffee and your ear tonight Alena.)
4. The opportunity to view those precious taonga (treasures) at Te Papa.
5. Creativity - the juice that puts the oomph into my life.
6. Laughs - I love to laugh and chill out. Having spent the majority of my twenties having an overdeveloped sense of responsibilities, I have endeavoured to make sure our lives are full of these moments where we can 'stop and smell the roses', and even take some home sometimes.
7. My health - even with a bung arm, I am grateful to have an able body nonetheless.
8. A tidy home.
9. High speed internet connections.
10. The local library full of yummy art and craft books where I disappear to for long hours to research and seek out inspiration. I love books. One time I went to take out some books and the librarian laughed because I already FIFTY books out on loan.
I am by nature a positive person but I also wear my heart on my sleeve which means I get burnt sometimes by other people. It's the risk I run for being transparent and trusting sometimes. Other people don't always understand this, especially if they have trust issues. I have had a long yak with my husband and feel I have some options to deal with things that are currently disturbing me. I find it hard sometimes to see things clearly especially when I am emotional and he's really good at bulletpointing things. Clarity and delivery are really important when dealing wiht difficult situations, and because they are not necessarily my strengths, I tend to get his opinion because he is non-offensive and wise in these matters. He really is my strength at times.


mormar said...

you have a beautiful blog.
I loved looking at how you dyed the cloth with all the found objects. I am so happy to have found this.

carole brungar said...

Hi, I just found your blog and enjoyed a stroll thru it! Loved the pics from Rotorua, reminded me of a holiday there! Enjoyed your work too!
Thanks for sharing!
:) Carole

ArtPropelled said...

50 books! I would probably do the same but our libraries have a limit of 3 to 5 books.