Monday, March 3, 2008

Artists blogs and a walk through Wellington on Sunday...

There are so many talented, creative and inspiring people out there. If you have time and a cup of tea, and want to check out a few more sites, then I recommend these I found today. Like I said, it was quiet and I enjoyed my own company with my computer.

What is it about paper, cloth, stitches, a dab of paint, a few layers, some frayed edges, a few 'found' objects, a bit of text and a giant helping of creativity. How could anyone not love art?

I am not the world's most amazing artist, in fact, I don't even think I am the best artist on my street, but I create instinctively. Put something in my hand and I start turning it over looking at the possibilities. I always have a million ideas. I just saw an amazing apron idea (ok, so not for the kitchen, for the art studio mess I make all over what is left of my clothes), and I remembered my neighbour made me an amazing albeit slightly plain apron last year. Now, I have a bit more knowledge, that apron is screaming to be born again.

Completely unrelated and just because I can, here are some photos of my kids from Sunday as we cruised through downtown Wellington, Cuba Mall and then onto the Skate Park down by Te Papa.

Loved these reflections. The distortion is great.
My self-portrait. All those big shiny windows and I still managed to only get half a photo of myself.

Two little boys squat down to watch this guy manouver a glass ball, actually I don't think he was that great. The biggest response he got was when he dropped his ball.

My boy has lots of best friends. This is definitely one of them. Our friend Ezzie.
"Show us your muscles boys"
This guy could actually sing. We sat and enjoyed him for awhile.
Good kiwi tucker, sausage rolls and pies with lots of tomato sauce.
My eldest (in the red and white top) now sits at his own table. I don't think we, Mum and Dad are cool anymore. Fair enough, I wouldn't be caught dead with my olds when I was his age either! He also walks ten miles ahead of us or behind us. It's a turning point for us all.
Ezzie puts on a puppet show outside the cafe window. How cute is that!
Then they both put one on for all of us.
I love these shots, the kids are just amazing. They really do love each other. I hope my kids have lifetime friends.
See, a puppet show. Except there was only one puppet.
My big boy brought me a funny little white heart stone. It's my birthday, what more could I want than his thoughtfulness to look for and see and bring me, his old mum, a heart stone.
Ok, so those two boys are now to cool to look at the camera and smile. But check out those big smiles on the end. It's hilarious.
Best shots of those big boys, are the candid shots when they don't realise I am taking their photos.
These two have so much energy and couldn't get enough of the camera.
Tahi, rua, toru, wha - pukana!
Our amazing female prime minister, Helen Clark.
Beautiful man!
"Look mum, a manual."
One of those mother heart-stopping moments. What if he falls. Dad looks on unconcerned.
My big boy yells out encouragement to Zac "Don't look down, whatever you do."
Too many people at the skate park so we went and found our own patch of 'crete to practise moves on. Ezzie gets adventurous.
This is a manual.
Ezzie, the little bullet dodges down and speeds past.
Someone cried this morning when I laid out his clothes for church. He'd been wanting to go barechested all day. Lucky it was windy, the shirt stayed on. His favourite jeans with ripped up knees, his skate shoes and his gel. I swear he puts in more effort than I do getting dressed.
He melts my heart.
Until he tries stunts like this. Then I just plain freak. Not bad though, only one big graze up his back when he tried an acid drop off a brick wall and ended up using his back and not his board. This is what an acid drop looks like, when you drop off a wall and supposedly land. 10 points though, the kid has kahunas for a five year old.


india flint said...

wish i was as cool as your boys. wish i could ride a skateboard like that.
wish my giant expandable christmas-bum fit on those slides on Cuba street....

india flint said...

oh, and
H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y xx

Ahipara Girl said...

Thanks India. "giant expandable Christmas-bum" eh. It matches my 365-days of the year inflated gut. And actually, you would look great on a skateboard, although with all my extra weight these days, let me tell you, falling off really hurts, not to mention embarasses the kids.