Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Girls that stitch ...

Attended the "craft hub" at Pataka, organised by Margaret Tolland who kindly created this group for local women interested in being creative together on Wednesday nights here in Porirua. It was a coup for me because I finally got to hang out with the Paekakariki freaky's, "The Gem's" who make gorgeous crafts and have the most interesting collective crafty stall at local craft days. I am so going to have to apologise ahead of time because for the life of me, I cannot remember some names, but I am sure someone will advise me soon enough. I know the lady in the black top is Helen who made my Meemo and there is Shells who I met here online through our blogs. Deb is tucked into the right hand side there and has a little amused smile on her face.

Below, Margaret shows us her book. She recycles all sorts of things and makes funky arty jewellery from the most bizarre things, well I think so anyway. Like plastic bottles. Soda tins. Clever, lovely and warm, unflappable. That's been my experience of Margareta.
A lei necklace made out of straws and video tape by Marg's.
This lovely lady sat next to me, she is working on her interpretation of a Tivaevae pattern. This is a form of applique quilting done by Cook Island woman. Thank you for showing me that lace has a front and back. That's the value of these hubs, you get to share knowledge, receive feedback and plan fun events. I think art should be fun. If it ain't meeting a need, then what is it?
Here is Helen's amazing book. I loved altered books in magazines and craft books, it is what made me want to develop my own artistic ability and take it deeper. I loved the collage, texture, and form of books. Thank you Helen for sharing your book with us. I look forward to starring in my first round robin next week with an altered book. I just need to pick a theme. Nina at Ornamental has some gorgeous altered books. She is the queen.
A big fat book that could never lie flat, don;t you just love the way the pages are bulging with stuff.

"My most exciting moment(s)" ... well, here are three.

* Getting married

* Seeing my babies for the first time

* Getting into art school

And a few pages ....

Isn't that visual candy. I got to touch it, I got to touch it, I got to touch it ... How lucky am I? Shells had a pin cushion but I forgot to photograph it. I promise I will get everyone's name right next week and return with more images of our craft hub. Too busy talking to get everything and everyone in. Nice little buzzy atmosphere, not bad for a new group. Thanks everyone. That was fun.


Jen Crossley said...

Happy Birthday for Tuesday your a spring chicken!!
Your new group looks amazing how great to share ideas with other people who have a passion for art

Lynn Cohen said...

I love that you can sit in a group of women who are all doing different kinds of art at the same time. Sort of like scrolling through others blogs, but getting to touch the real things! Lucky you!