Sunday, November 23, 2008

New Stuff ...

Some things I have been working on ... I was supposed to have a craft stall last week but had a false labour (again!). So I set my stuff up on the dining room table so I could photograph it all and put it away in the garage in a big plastic impersonal box. Shame really cause it's quite fun being surrounded by my creatures. However there is no more room in my home. And I still have to fit a baby in!
With no flash you can see the white creatures.
With the flash, you can see the dark toys all lit up but the white one's disappear.
Up close. Here is my new favourite inspired by looking at Julie Arkell's amazing mixed media creatures.
She is really lovely to behold I think with all her stitches, old buttons, a pansy in one ear, doily detail. She is constructed from old woollen blankets.
And has "she gathers" stitched on her back. She is completely random, made intuitively, totally handstitched and freeform cut, and formed in the wee hours which makes her just a little magical.
Fellow crafter Cleo gave me a hand to put some personality into the glove creatures I made last week. I was stoked that the box of buttons I purchased from the Salvation Army Family Store had some incredible giant buttons that were perfect for these guys. Cleo knit the scarf on this wee girl bear.
I just love the bunnies. Something about those exagerated big ears.
And a bit of pink crochet detail on the back above her tail.
My infamous cupcake pincushions up close and personal.
Tea party anyone? I know I have posted photos of some of these things before, but it was neat to see everything together. BTW there was more but I got sick of taking photos. I also have some angry dolls and some Pacifica themed mixed media objects but they will stay under wrap as I am currently involved in a crafty Xmas decoration swap.
Happy crafting fellow crafters! It's the season to indulge all that crafty goodness, get stuck in and start making prezzies, cards, decorations for your home and yummy things for the baking tins. BTW, 2 weeks and 5 days to go ... not that I'm counting.


india flint said...

i can picture a clean white gallery space filled with an installation of your fabulous cupcakes....i'll look forward to your exhibition of them when Knuckles has made his debut and things have settled...

Unknown said...

These look soo cool. Sorry you couldn't make it to the show but they'll keep. Your bunnies in particular are my favourite dolls but the cupcakes take the cake! (sorry, bad pun!)
Good luck with the baby :)