Sunday, March 1, 2009

I wish I was a steak ...

Every human is an artist. The dream of your life is to make beautiful art.
... don Miguel Ruiz

Perhaps there is something about the new year being so full of change but whatever it is, I am having trouble focusing on any one project. Instead I keep being inspired by new things (like baby blankets, baby christening dresses, baby toys - hmmmm, an obvious theme emerges) and yet seem to be finishing nothing. There is also Knuckles, my wee babe (well not so wee anymore) who continues to interrupt any kind of flow I manage to create. By the way, a lot of people have commented that I should just enjoy my kids and the change ... and I do. I wouldn't have my life any different. I am also compelled to be honest enough when things aren't all sparkly and wonderful. No point being pessimistic, no point being shallow. Just my take on things.
Annnnnnnyhow ... interruptions by Knuckles are a good opportunity to head out thrifting at our local op shops. If you ever come to Wellington and wanna op shop, drop me a line. I love op shops and love introducing people to our local wonders. Todays bargains being two linen baby dresses with mother of pearl buttons to re-make for friends ($1.99 each), a handknitted jersey for Knuckles ($1.99), some denim baby overalls ($2.99), baby jeans ($1.99), and my fave thing: my new baby bag is a Kathmandu slouch over shoulder hip bag for TEN BUCKS. It's also my new fave colour: mustard green. Score!

I think my Marcus (6 yrs) was hungry the other day when he pipes up in the back seat with ... "I wish I was a steak cause then I'd eat myself." And...

After a funeral my twelve year old says "Mum do they put stuff in him to preserve the body?" to which my Marcus startled reply was "Stuffing? Does he have stuffing?" "Yes, just like a chicken son! He's got stuffing..."

We have a lot of laughs around here. Classic!

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