Wednesday, November 18, 2009

black and white ...

These days I'm drawn to black and white. Especially white. All spectrum of white. From raw hemp string (which I am currently knitting on extra large needles to get those wonderful big holes) through to pure white cotton or merino yarn. I recently inherited a big bag of rough white carpet wool. A bane to any decent knitter, but then I am not decent. lol. My covered stones series is coming along wonderfully. I have loaned a few out for display. I love these black stones (when they're wet) with white lines that form circles on the stones. They are my new treasures. I recently returned a boot load of stones to the sea, some with little knitted jerseys on. It tickles me to imagine someone finding one and wondering about it. Wellington is cold, everyone needs a layer of wool even the stones on my beach, lol. I have also felted some. Its exciting. People ask me what I'm doing. I just smile. I love the idea of soft/hard, warm/cold, natural/man-made, black/white. After working with muddy colours with natural dyes for a wee while my eye is being drawn to a cleaner palette and starker contrast.

I wore a black and oyster grey outfit from Zambesi when I got married. I have always favoured dark things. White however is a new pleasure. Even in my journal I write with a black freeflowing ink pen on stark white paper.
Writing, writing, writing. I am hesitant to write about my writing ;). It's flowing well and I am getting lots of little stories and observations down. Those things I find myself pondering and sharing with others over and over. It may be useful. It may be inspirational. It may just be my own personal adventure. So far I have written most days in the gaps between childcare, therapy and community. Even blogging is time-consuming. I love it when there are big spaces but these days I am wrapped up in caring for our little baby. He's growing and absorbing to watch and spend time with. He's just discovered the joy of bubbles. I can't believe he'll be one next month.
It's getting warmer, summer is around the corner. I love to spend time on the beach with the boys. After school, even during school we will happily skive off to the beach and play all day. I'm free of pain and have mobility back again. Looking for sea-leavings is gonna absorb me this year, along with writing and getting out there with my kids. There is nothing that makes me happier than lying in green grass beneath a blue sky with a baby gurgling around in the grass, my boys scooting and whooping down steep hills on bits of cardboards or fossicking around on the beach amidst piles of stones while the children dig pools for the sea to fill.
Yes there is colour in my life but it isn't in the stuff that I own or the spending that I do. It isn't about my reputation or even the people I am acquainted with. It's not found in my career, my appearance or any other external thing.
The colours come from the people I have been blessed with and an acquired ability to find joy in the simplest of things.


Kris said...

Yah. You are so cool. May God bless you with wisdom and every blessing He has in the every adventure up ahead.

Pat said...

lovely post. thoughtful. provocative. surprising.

Jeana Marie said...

I too have a thing for whites. I think it comes partially from living in oddly painted rental houses for so long ... and other less silly reasons :)

Anonymous said...


I know you love the light!

ArtPropelled said...

Black .... white.... and black and white together. Love it! I also love your ponderings and would love to hear even just a little more about your writing. Best of all I'm so glad you are free from pain..... and in fit gathering mode.

india flint said...

hey me dear
the week went by before i knew it
waved at you from a distance
[but not as great a distance as usual]
am home for 3 blissful days
with a pocketful of seaground glass
lots of images
and many words to pin down for the new book
catching up will have to wait for March
when i shall fly solo
wonder if any jacketted stones
will wash up on this side of the ditch....