Wednesday, July 21, 2010


A trip back to my homelands, Ahipara on the Ninety Mile Beach in the Far North of Aotearoa. Today we were rained in. We spent some time down the beach but mostly indoors looking out at that amazing vista.
A small installation of our beach finds.
The climate is sub-tropical here and even in mid-winter, the plants are lush and flowering. My grandmothers favourite flower, the hibiscus.
A bit of crochet around a small sea shell. A gift for my mother who was visiting her brothers today and a nod to my childhood spent collecting shells with my grandmother, a prolific maker herself. I watched her crochet for hours upon hours as a child. It's lovely to be home with the children.
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Maranga Mai said...

Sheesh! You're the bomb!

Feels like I'm there when clearly I'm not... love that from a distance, and with only glances of each other in the past, I feel creatively emboldened (is that a word??) by your openness!