Friday, August 6, 2010

my small world (cont'd) ...

A steady stream of visitors through my place yesterday. My dear friend Cleo is a gifted artist and maker. She currently has an exhibition showing. Its at the art framers place on Kenepuru Drive, next to Moore Wilsons. We have done lots of collaborative work together and continue to flow together really well. I will miss her when she moves back to her hometown later this year. Cleo's blog "Wind between the Stars" is well worth detouring too if you love handmade, textiles and planet friendly art work. You will find some samples of our collaborative work here and here.
Katrina and her daughters brought us a beautiful meal and then hung out knitting afterwards. Well, we were knitting, the kids were running riot in a less peaceful part of our small home.
Betty-Ann swung by to hang out with her latest creation she whipped up in a jiffy. She's a prolific knitter and a generous soul. I love her knitting basket, seen here.
Check out the new project on her needles. Another handmade cushion cover, this time a Kaffe Fasset pattern with crazy yarn. A new concept I learned yesterday. She's holding the small gift I made her.
I had a play with a Porcelaine ceramic pen I got from Spotlight. They are only ten bucks each but with 30% off cost me so little. The cup was on special too but I'm going to keep my eye out when trawling the secondhand shops. I'm looking forward to playing with some of my hiapo designs. I wish I could create my own ceramic dishes. (Thanks to Melissa at Tiny Happy for the heads up about these).
And last, but by no means least was this little guy. My son Knuckles (aka lil Richie). Seen here demanding my new phone. He threw my last one in the bath. We had a pyjamas day yesterday. I love that he spent the day climbing in and out of bed for hugs and to watch his favourite puppy program. He's my little puppy and my favourite visitor. I can't believe he will be two soon. Someone slow time down. I want to enjoy my little boy a bit longer.

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