Thursday, July 7, 2011

The unhappy flower

Unhappy because I was cross with him. It'd been a long day of rowing and we'd hurt each other with our words and silences. He said something dumb at dinner. I was only there for him in the first place. I was crying in the toilets for awhile. We get older but some things never change (although its been ages since I've cried in a toilet).

This little raddish sculpted like a flower on our table was both a blessing and curse that night. He couldn't be bothered helping me capture these photos. We are over it now but these images captured on my Android and edited on Picassa should bring me joy and instead make my heart heavy.

Fifteen years married so it has context and it was only one day. However I do still have my dreams about castles in the sky, a knight in shining armour and living happily ever after. I am after all that complex mysterious sometimes nonsensical creature - woman.

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Arija said...

Words from those we love can be very hurtful and, speaking from experience, leave scars that can itch or hurt at the most unexpected times. Unfortunately, once it is said, nothing will unsay it. Consider yourself warmly and empathetically hugged.

Ahipara Girl said...

Hey mama

So lovely as always to hear from you. He is a good man, it was just one of those days that don't happen often and when they do, they sting. We are ok now. I learned a little while ago the power of speaking words of life over others, however being human, we have these slips all the time don't we. Must be nice to have your girl home again. x

Arija said...

Dear girl, I well know he is a good man but even so, these things do hurt. It is easier to cope with big rather than little things.

Yes my dear it is good to have my baby home although she flew to Alice springs on Thursday to teach over the weekend.

Hugs . . . Arija