Saturday, July 14, 2012

Brisbane bound ...

We are headed to Australia to establish a new lifestyle and adventures for our family. New Zealand is our beautiful homeland, our whenua. We shall be back but for now educating our sons and work opportunities beckon. My family of origin are all there so we have lots of support and there will be lots of gatherings as we visit lots of friends and family who have already made the move.

Last week, my friend Maxine turned up with a gift. The coolest jandals I've ever seen. At the time we were thinking about emigrating but weren't quite sure. Somehow those jandals tipped the balance for me. The idea of living in a warm place, warm enough for skirts and jandals. Then my mother emails and says she has got me a position in FIVE op shops. Hmmm, that surely is a sign from heaven. God is speaking my language.

Of course there are deeper reasons for moving. Jandals and op shops aside, our eldest son will have a better education and Rich has better job opportunities. We cannot get that here. Change is good. Family is our priority and giving our kids the best chance they have in life. There's great churches, a multitude of them that we are excited to visit and find a spiritual home with.

It will be great to live closer to my parents, my grandmother, and my brothers and their families. We are all about whanau and the idea of having them all nearby is mind blowing. For almost 17 years we've done it ourselves and it will be nice to have a cuppa with my grandmother or go out with my parents for dinner. To see the kids playing with their cousins and to celebrate birthdays and Christmas together. My mum is so excited she's about fit to burst. 

They say that moving house is one of the most stressful things one can do and emigrating takes it to a whole new level. We are no exception to the rule. Packing down the house has become a major mission as we are due to leave soon. Meanwhile lots of friends have jumped on board to lend a hand. I love the community we are a part of here. Family, friends and church community fill our lives. Interest groups and community organisations I've formed that will go on without us ... all entwined in our narratives. I am looking forward to the next chapter of creativity, spiritual growth and family stories. I can't wait to get started establishing communities and groups. Its what I do and love. 

The next few weeks will be taking care of details, packing, sorting, visiting and saying goodbye to the plethora of people in our lives in this country. In the meantime, because my home is in upheaval and I'm surrounded by boxes, I've enjoyed this blog House Handmade written by my friend Shells who immigrated here from South Africa. Her family have just finished building their home. There's lots of lovely eye candy and it keeps me dreaming about the home we can establish in a new country. 

I've been filling my senses with images I've collected on my Pinterest, chiefly my pinboard 'my vintage home' board and cruising Ebay Australia a bit excited. Australia is a very old country compared to New Zealand, and I love old things. I know right! Op shops. Ebay. Garage Sales. New 'old' stuff. And checking out all the handmade movement there.  Right. Back to packing. :)


Amy Seven-Stitches said...

All the best with the move. I can see that it is a decision that's been along time in the making. While I love New Zealand, I'm completely behind every move to have children grow up in the heart of an extended family.

india flint said...

well i'll be buttered on both sides.
good luck possums
see you on this side, then!

Lynley said...

Oh, that is big news. I'm a NZ to Aus immigrant too, and there are some things that are just simply easier here ... and to be with your family will be wonderful. Good luck for the move.o