Wednesday, February 6, 2008

I just needed to say ...

... That I love my country. Yup, despite our differences, I think we are all wonderfully made. Cultural issues are a sensitive topic in any nation. If we are breathing we are political. No such thing as the person who declares "I am not political". We all have the opportunity to make a difference. To help create the world we live in and help others. I have seriously been thinking of learning Tikanga Maori this year. I have no idea how I will fit it in but for the first time in my life, I can approach learning my culture without feeling fearful. Strong enough to face down whatever opposition will rise up. I was always scared of those staunch purists. Judgemental and not helpful for seekers like myself. I was brought up 'white' as well as brown, but mostly 'white'. I can mihi (introduce myself on a Marae) and do my whakapapa (geneaology) and whaikorero (historical spiel). I can waiata (sing) and even kapa haka (cultural dance). But there's so much more and I want to bring my culture forward into our new context. To marry up the discrepencies and take it all to a new level. Art and writing is my medium. The Spirit is my guide. I am not alone. Many of us grew up away from the pa (homeland), are alienated from our language, culture and peoples. I reread the last post and I sounded hard and radical. I am not a hater. I do not support violence or racism or discrimination in any form. Radical isn't a bad title, pending what one is representing but I don't think I fit that camp either. I am quite happy doing my small part. If we all did a small part, we would change this world.

I met some guys today who are doing their small part. Imagine if all the young people all over the world took the first two years of their adult lives and went to serve others. Rebuilding war torn countries, orphanages, third world countries, building habitat humanity homes, serving homeless in shelters, all adopting a cause ... I admire anyone whose conviction leads them to action. It was hot this afternoon, the sun was bearing down and I was just getting ready for an afternoon snooze when there was a knock at the door. Two smiling young men were at my door after walking up my hill and knocking on folks doors. One young man from Utah, the other from Auckland, NZ. Only one other of my neighbours had opened the door to them today, the rest weren't interested. I was able to give them a glass of iced water and took some seats outside so they could sit awhile as they shared their message and we chatted. Their safety rules mean they cannot enter a house unless the husband is home. In the bible, God says if we offer hospitality to others, it's as if we are doing it to Him. I wonder if I entertained an angel today. So we passed the better part of an hour sharing, laughing and listening. At the end, the offer to help if we ever needed it moved me. "We're all in this together" as that famous hymn from High School Musical goes. Hallelujah and a resounding amen.

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