Thursday, February 7, 2008

Op shopping in Wellington ...

The Family Stores in Wellington are some of my fave places to look for bargains. I got such a good response from everyone logging on and looking at Trash Palace that I took my trusty camera out with me yesterday and this is what I saw ...
A striped deco lounge suite ...
An old rolled arm couch in great vintage condition
I loved these plates. $2 ea.

Yes, another chair. I love the form of this style of chair. Three sweet pairs of shoes - $6 per pair. All size 8.
A dinky girls dress for $2!
Lots of preloved textiles including a great brown vintage curtain. It is now my winter bedspread.
Two patchwork cushions, one striped, one floral.


The fabric stash.
I love bundles and collections of things. And I love knitting. I can only do knit, pearl, and cast on and off; but this year I plan to learn to crochet, and 'tutu' (Maori for 'muck around') with weaving different textiles.
We also went to the Mary Potters Hospice in Tawa. I find so many old things here and it's not as tidy as the Family Store but I don't mind, as it encourages rummaging and the unearthing of bargains. I picked up a few things including some tiny vintage pictures (20c each), a big lace doily ($1), a handful of old buttons (free), 5 x vintage hankerchiefs (50c each) and three pairs of boys trousers ($4 each). I also scored my huge screenprinted curtain on that thick vintage fabric curtains were once made of ($8) and a large vintage lamp ($20). And some funny shaped old spoons (20c ea) because I have started collecting weird old utensils. I don't know what for but at 20c each, who cares! I know they will find a home with my other bits.

Some things are quite pricey. I guess if you love it, you will pay for it. Some things are overpriced in my opinion, but on the whole, always a bargain to be found.

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shellsbells said...

OOOooooooooh! lovely finds - I love the op shops here - a totally new concept for me. I found this great idea to use old spoons -

maybe something to do at a Gem session!