Sunday, February 10, 2008

my beautiful country ...

Since starting this blog, I have started looking at my life and surroundings with fresh 'eyes'. I'd resigned myself to the fact that as a mother at home with children, on a limited income, my adventures would have to wait until I could travel overseas later on in life because that's where the real exciting stuff was happening. Instead I am enjoying running around with my camera trying to capture why I love this place of my mine, the people, the geography, the art, and the very spirit that makes my country so special. It's why I love living here. It's why I have no desire to leave and head for those Australian shores despite my beloved extended whanau living there. Globalisation - this odd thing that has occurred that means I can have contact with peoples around the world from all walks of life, that I can go anywhere and do most anything in a day or week. Yet there is something intimate and nurturing about small places, familiar places. Like a nest created for growing and nurturing. That is why I choose to raise my small sons in this country. See, only here can they be of Maori / Pacific Island descent and be supported in that externally. Here it is normal to be what we are. We do not have to struggle to be what we are and value what we do. We are surrounded by the ocean, the green hills and a big piece of sky. We have all the benefits of city living and yet are able to live in a seaside village. Five minutes in any direction and I am in direct contact with the sea. I need this. It's my breathing space, my sanity, my medicine. Do you find yourself in a meditative state when walking along the shore? Or perhaps you are a forest person? Or mountains, or rivers, or deserts?

We headed off on an adventure about 5 minutes drive from home on the other side of the harbour. (You can click on the photos to enlarge the view).
It's amazing what we find off the beaten track. This memorial was for someone named Regan who was only 14 years old. We stopped and speculated with the boys about what could have happened. Was it an accident? Did he take his own life? My thoughts were towards his family. My eldest son is 11. I do not even want to imagine what this must be like. For parents to outlive their kids seems cruel. I know God has a plan but sometimes it just doesn't seem fair.
The harbour.
The inlet.
Looking out to the second harbour. Under the bridge is a fun fishing spot for the boys. A ramp, so off go the boys to investigate.
You never know what you will find. I love treasure hunting. Here is a paua shell tucked away in the long grass under a shrub.
I have an ongoing fascination with rust. I found this cool bolt tucked away in some piles of stones - all nicely rusted and munted. Yay! I suspect I like looking for the beauty and usefulness in these seemingly expired objects. They're excellent for dyeing fabric with. I like to believe that people are like this, in that the value of the person long outlives their cosmetic and physical abilities. We just need to be prepared to look a bit deeper and not judge just by the exterior.
A giant nut, bolt and washer all rusted together hiding in the grass.
These are not your ordinary household nails. You cannot imagine how excited I get about these finds.
This might give you a clue.
And this might also be helpful.
My eldest son found the big circle thing. This was today's finds. All free and all extremely cool.
Cross over to the other side of the motorway and out onto the estuary for an explore. Cockles, tide pools and rocks begged to be overturned and explored. Check out the boathouses in the background. These are popular in Porirua. One on our beach is selling for $150,000 and honestly, it's just a garage at the moment. Imagine having an art studio in this wee green/yellow one. Cool
What's under the rock? A cool red crab and another small one. "Mum, can I have your stick?" "No!"
"Um, aren't those are your best school shoes?" "My feet aren't even wet." Oh well, we are only five once after all.
My cool hat - $3. You will notice I am always wearing this green shirt. It is my favourite colour at the moment but I am also allergic to sun exposure on my arms and upper torso so my shirts give me extra protection.
The sky is soooooo big here. What can I say ... I think it could only get bigger on the plains.

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i do like your reflections on country and belonging...and the photos are lovely