Friday, February 8, 2008

Superfino was Super Fine!

Fancy a cocktail and atmosphere right here in the Arts Capital? Well we did and we just happen to know two great people who own a cocktail bar / cafe in the city. Yummy. Ok, I am a mum from the burbs, but I managed to find some make up, stick it on my face in a semi-decent fashion, passed on the heels for my flash jandals and headed off into town with theMan and our friend Lynley (aka Lou). A quick detour to purchase some limes and mint for the bar (a quick emergency call as the bar was full and they were short on supplies), then into town for our night out. How exciting...

Graham, theMan, myself, Lou, Alena and Simon.
Lou and I have been friends forever. She and husband Graham own Superfino (located on Ghuznee Street, Wellington city central). She was my best woman at my wedding, our kids play together and one day, when we are old ladies, I just know we will sit in rocking chairs together on a porch talking about our mokopuna (grandkids) while painting our toenails bright red and wearing toe rings. You know how you have friends forever? Well, these guys are like that.

And dear Graham. Probably one of the few people in the world who I can say what I mean to and he can handle it. He's funny, dry, acerbic even but with a heart of gold. Does plenty of good on the quiet. We all owe him but shhh ... we'll keep it between ourselves. It's much more fun to mock him.
Joss and Robyn, the staff. Well Joss managed to make me a drink I could like. Sorry you fruit cocktail girls, this girl likes her brew to have a wee kick and Joss obliged. Try him. Tell him your preference and he will concoct a potion. Beware though, these wee drams will take your legs out from under you. Robyn is the bar princess. She makes a mean coffee and easy conversation. Plus she's young and pretty. Oooo, and all the glasses sparkled. It was a visual feast. Robyn with a cranberry potion making magic.
Alena introduces Simon to us. I think anyone who can make my friend smile like this can hang out with us all anytime. We approve.
Porirua girls represent! A new friend with Sonja and Alena.
As the evening went on, the smiles and conversation flowed. Just what an evening should be.
I just had to show you Sonja's dreads! Mean! She's little but those dreads, she twists them up on her head like a crown during the day. This is how we do's it in Wellies.
We went to a howlie bar, I liked the flags. TheMan thought weird people in a weird place. I thought everyone looked fine, and he said it's because I am weird. Cool.
Then we went to a 'brown' bar with lots of fat bass in a basement. I must be getting old cause it didn't look or feel cool. Everyone on the dance floor looked like they were trying too hard but this cute staff member posed next to these saki bottles.
Cher! (Maori greeting for 'cool'). A bro with a 'fro.
Midnight Espresso on Cuba Street, a landmark in Wellington. Good spot for people watching, nice food but honestly, my coffee was disappointing. Sorry guys, it was burnt and bitter but I just couldn't be bothered waiting for another one. The toilets had some styling paint on the walls though.
Across the road, these guys wanted their picture taken, so here it is. I do like kebabs though and Turkish delight.
TheMan, Graham and Lou wait for their burger and chips at "Welcome Takeaways", another icon for locals on Vivian Street.
Some odd women on Cuba Street.
Self portrait time in the toilet mirror of all places. Still, I had a great time with my camera tonight.
Just outside the loo doors at Midnight Espresso. What a night! There is nothing like old friends. Like a pair of well worn slippers, they just feel so right.
And of course my sweet husband. It's nice to be out together as a couple doing adult stuff. And all the parents said 'Amen'!
Good night dear friends and thanks so much for a fun adventure. I just wanted to get this post in before I went to bed as I plan on sleeping in.


india flint said...

sounds like you had fun...and midnight espresso is one of my haunts in wellie-town too...

Unknown said...

Kia ora Ahipara Girl!

I, too, love the delightful Superfino. So much so that I am interested in making the owners an offer. Do you think you could pass on my email address to your friend Lou? It's I'd love to talk to her and her partner about the idea.
Nga mihi