Sunday, February 17, 2008

My Prince Charming has gone away ...

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... To the kingdom of Far Far Away. Oh dear, and I have my two donkeys to keep me busy .... I mean company! Sigh. Funny how annoyed I feel when he's around, but as soon as he leaves, I miss him dreadfully. Oh the irony. I do love him so and I'm pleased he has a new job that leaves him content and fulfilled. Finally a job with a decent wage, mature professional colleagues, excellent benefits and a company that has a 'family first' ethos. So off he goes, my knight in shining armour, on loan to the Auckland offices to slay their IT dragons and help build their kingdoms. Meanwhile his queen must protect her own castle and all who dwell within it's walls. And wash my own dishes. Am sneaking into the kids room tonight for a slumber party. Shhhhh.... good night and sweet dreams.
Princess Fiona

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