Tuesday, February 19, 2008


I know there are a few of you who now follow the comings and goings on this website regularly. I appreciate your ongoing support and thank those who leave a comment. I would like to encourage those who haven't yet left a message / response to consider sign up for a google account so that you can leave a comment when you visit. I appreciate a little effort but it is worth it (Trust me, I am not technically-inclined myself) and as dear Miss India informs me from the West Island, you can take advantage of their free GMail if you want another email account . But it does feel like I am talking to myself some days. I do enjoy writing but your immediate response to a particular post I have written can be very rewarding. You can apply for a gmail account through your 'google.com' page. So thanks for those who have left comments it really makes a difference, thanks to those phantoms who visit and who have yet to demystify the 'comments' process, and thanks to those who have phoned me to talk about what they read here. XXX

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india flint said...

actually it's even easier than that..all you need to do is sign up to a google account, which is free and doesn't really involve much at all.
then after that if you want to take advantage of their (free) gmail, you can do that as well.

keep posting, Ahipara Girl, it's lovely to hear of the doings across the ditch