Thursday, March 13, 2008

a peek into my dyeing process ...

Well, all these weeks later after summer school, with an injury that won't go away, and with the burning need to create, I finally did it. I have about ten new items in my wardrobe including 3 linen shirts, two cotton t-shirts, a cardigan, and some silk scarves. I purchased all of these second hand and didn't spend more than $25 perhaps. I will show photos at a later date. I am tired so forgive my writing skills but I hadn't written for a while. We have been so busy. The next three days will be in Rotorua where we will visit Whakarewarewa, a thermal Maori village. My boys will see boiling mud pools, geysers, and hot springs. We will go to the hotpools,
In the meantime, I thought I would share some of the dyeing process with you all. By the way, I was privileged to be taught by India Flint, during a summer artist intensive at Whitireia. I also have her book (my textbook) to help guide me, which discusses the process India has developed and her motivation for what she does. These are my takes on her processes.
Below is my little pot from Trash Palace, $2. It is the perfect size to stick a linen shirt into. This one is marinating in cold flax juice and some iron links from the railway tracks.

My Eucalyptus Cinerea bucket.
Taking the lid off the pot, one can see the flax flowers and juice all up in there. These were left for at least 48 hours.
Here is my linen dress all rolled up awaiting to be unravelled and exclaimed over.
This dress has a long piece of rusted metal inside it. Below, this is what was in the little pot.
Here is my healing cloth. I came to call it that because I am in a healing time due to RSI.
Open up the shirt and see those dyed parts as well as the undyed lighter parts.
The healing blanket unrolled and investigated. After two and a half days, that seaweed is starting to get high. I just love my bolts.
Great iron metal bolts, screws, and giant nails.
I am happy with this old quilt.
This particular black seaweed left a distinctive black mark on the silk.
Part of my elaborate and highly sophisticated set up. Just need some buckets, metal findings (old cans, bottle tops, to act as the mordant or 'fixative."
Late to the hub craft group but I am determind to prepare two more linen shirts.
And this is how I do it .. Found objects , onion skins, metal bolts ...
Two new bundles ready for the pot.
I will post some photos soon of finished work.


ArtPropelled said...

You are still pretty industrious even with the RSI. I have discovered tissue salts, Calcflour in particular is helping with RSI. (Restores tissue elasticity).

Have fun in Rotorua.Looking forward to seeing the photos.

india flint said...

Rachelle, you're a treasure...suspect you got that RSI from all the tugging of that silk thread through the cloth you were stitching - i've been running my silk thread along a bar of Lush solid moisturiser lately, makes it smell nice and it's so much easier to get through the cloth. the traditional thing is to use soap - using my delicious Lush bar was an inspiration.
big hugs

Diana Cohen said...

I've never dyed fabrics. You make it look like great fun with beautiful results. I love working with natural materials. You've inspired me to give it a go. Thank you!