Thursday, March 13, 2008

Wednesday nights you can find a bunch of crafty girls at Pataka Art Gallery getting creative and sharing a few laughs.
Last night we started an altered book challenge, and began by creating or preparing our books.
Here are the results. Some altered funky books, and one hastly made one to the far right out of printers board scraps and some pattern paper. I forgot my board book I had prepared to bring. Doh! A closer look at my effort. My theme is "Detritus", the art of 'found' objects. The rule is to pick a number or time (eg. 20 steps or 20 minutes) and walk that far. Stop and find something. The aim is not to go out looking for something but to allow serendipity to occur, and then to create off of that. Anyway, it works that my book itself was made with whatever materials I could find on the night.
Why does a collection of pretty papers stop me in my tracks? No idea, but they do.
The lovely Shelly let me photograph her wee felt pincushion house, that is embroidered and just so dear. It's sadly lacking pins at the moment perhaps indicating Shelly's busy creative life.
This is Helen (and not Carmen! As I kept calling her last night, sorry Carmen). Anyway, Helen is modelling a beautiful handmade, embroidered tea cosy a friend from Australia sent her. My photos don't do it justice. It really is exquisite.
Detail of tea cosy.
My dear friend Cleo was busy doing her own thing in her own wee corner today, and when she finished ... well, just look ...
The most perfectest wee basket made of all sorts of different leaves. Cleo is a 'doer'. I love that about her. She just gets on and makes things. I saw a movie about the artist Andy Goldsworthy yesterday. He works intuitively and with nature. Check him out on Google, he is amazing.
I stayed back after class to sort out my research and materials with Chris, my fellow classmate. I love this guy. Here he is arranging his threads. You gotta love a big strong man who loves collecting sewing ephemeral. See his bead collection on the table in front of him.

An example of Chris's experiments. This one is Shibori-dyed fabric, screen printed and then embellished, attached to a piece of paper used to dry the fabric on. His notes discussing his process and findings, and observations.
Another screenprint, this one embellished with beads glued on. This screenprint is the design of another student.
On my way home, I went for a walk along the beach. I found 3 golfballs and a whole lot of small pieces of 'sea-plastic'. Yes, that's right, sea plastic. Some people collect sea glass, I collect sea plastic. Nice and smooth. To me, it is where man meets nature, and how even our rubbish can come back to us more attractive once it's been in the sea. No buttons today, tide has changed the beach around again.

Titahi Bay at 6pm. I found some skulls on the beach. Ok, so they are printed on an old pair of boardshorts, but still. I try and challenge myself to find the weirdest thing on the beach whenever I walk it. So tonight, I found skulls.
Ok, to bed I go. I will be away for three days, but no doubt back on Sunday with some news and photos of our adventure to Rotorua. Have a nice weekend.

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india flint said...

hey Rachelle..i see the windfall walk has grown a little sister 'found object walk' - that's good! i like the way these little things snowball about, gathering their own momentum
have fun in mudcentral...