Thursday, November 6, 2008

Danny Mansmith ...

Danny Mansmith was one of the first textile artists I came across that I got excited about. Not precious about his process or materials, his organic work style mirrors my own ideas of creativity. An intuitive artist that I can relate to. Not to be confused as having no conceptual content though, because his work has lots of levels, but it doesn't feel contrived like fine art can sometimes. It's a response to something. I like the randomness of it, yet not. Isn't this cloth sewing machine a scream.
Check out his amazing online photo album here:

I have since discovered a community of people like me, not quite status quo in the fine arts circles but having a blast being creative and passionate about making cool stuff.

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Jackie said...

I love his work. I love how he describes his work as if jumpimg off a cliff. Thats how I feel sometimes.