Monday, November 10, 2008

Family Stuff ...

So here I am in all my glory ... my six year old Marcus snapped this photo of me one night not long ago when we were sewing patches on his jeans. I have tried to get some photos of me looking pregnant and blooming but honestly, I just look fat and chubby. Still, I read somewhere it is good for posterity to take photos of one whilst pregnant. I am sitting amidst my sewing stuff, tired and uncomfortable but laughing at my son's jokes.
My roses from my boys for Rich and I's 13th wedding anniversary.
First time I didn't bake my son a cake. He turned twelve and I was too tired. So his dad bought a packet of meringues, whipped some cream, got those annoying candles that don't blow out, and sprinkled some Pebbles all over them. A work of art if you ask me.
Happy Birthday son. I am so proud of my boys, all three of them. Such a kind and lovely natured bunch. Definitely my most creative and rewarding work.
This guy is hardcase. He loves cartoons. So when I say 'no tv', I am bound to get a reaction.
"Why don't you build something with the lego?"
I love the way he lines up the cars. It makes sense to him.
Hey Marcus, that looks amazing.
Now it's time to tidy up. Thanks Dad.
Hey Mum, can we fix my jeans.
These guys make my world turn. They are so amazing.
The obligatory backyard fireworks. So much fun for little boys (and the big one too!).
Anti-natal classes tonight. Sitting there I felt like a fraud as most of the other participants are first-timers. I am amazed at how reassuring the teachers are these days and the information is so much more user-friendly, reassuring and POSITIVE. We enjoyed ourselves, Rich and I. I got massaged (delish) and finally understand what my body will be doing during labour, which no doubt will help me when the time comes to work with the process rather than FREAKING OUT. Still having nearly lost my first son the first time, and all the complications of a premature baby the second time, this time should be sweet as. Text book pregnancy so far and looking forward to my mum coming for a visit too. Millions of things I should be doing (and organising) but I end up sleeping most of the time these days. Soooo tired. Feeling very optimistic though and excitement peeking through like sunshine on a cloudy day. Definitely in a happy and peaceful place thanks to a supportive husband, happy kids and my sewing projects.

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