Saturday, November 1, 2008


I can't believe it. And today the sun is shining, my family are having water fights (well, they say they are washing the car but they are wetter than the car so...). And I slept in until 1pm. I could've kept sleeping too ... but the lure of leftover homemade soup and some toast made me get dressed and sit at my dining table and look out at the harbour and count my blessings.

I am feeling very optimistic today. Having spent time with great friends yesterday really lifted my spirits. Sometimes the world can get very small when one is alone a lot. Not that I'm complaining because most days I am happy to sit at home and mess around with my art stuff. You know ... but then I am also happy to be with other positive folk, folk who love their kids and each other, and are into making the world a better place too.

And my Richard. We had a good chat this morning and things are going so smoothly, I just have to pinch myself. We were married thirteen years ago this past week and he brings stability to my life in truckloads. Like breakfast in bed for most of those thirteen years, everyday with a smile and kiss. And he likes pottering around the home and wrestling with our boys. And he doesn't ever criticise ANYONE, EVER! And he doesn't bear grudges and he likes cuddling and he never raises his voice. And he cooks, does laundry, changes nappies and does the midnight shift with the babies.

I know, pretty unbelieveable huh? So I sat there listening to my guys all laughing and screaming at each other and running past with buckets of water, and just thanked God for my incredible lot. And the other thing, is that today, I am not afraid to look forward and see myself enjoying our newest son. And that is saying something because I have been so worried about how I will cope. But actually, I am not the same person I was and the man I married, is definitely a blessing in my life. The two sons we have are delightful and others report this to me all the time. So I am cutting myself some slack and relaxing and believing that things will be ok because this is a new time for me. And I am allowed to make mistakes these days, I can do what I want, I have faith in a God who supercedes my circumstances and abilities, and who promises me a future and a hope. I can change when things are not working, I can create meaningful moments, memories and creations whenever I want. The future is full of possibilities really.

Boy I wish we had sunnier weather more often. Rich and I want to live somewhere warmer with the boys, somewhere with maybe a smaller community and a simpler lifestyle.

Friends we visited yesterday are building a chicken coop and have pretty impressive vegie gardens. We sat there sharing scones (c/w cream and jam) and a pot of coffee looking out over the ocean as the surf pounded the local beach, and just talked lifestyle. We discussed using cloth nappies rather than disposable ones, and although I will need some support, we both agree that we cannot stand the idea of sending 1000's of nappies into the landfill over the next three years or whatever, not including the wipes and bag-thingys that are used as well. But the convenience of disposables ... well, therein lies the dilemna.

We are also starting our own local group of crafters here in the Bay for anyone who loves crafting and shares our passion for making meaningful creations. Watch this space and leave a comment or flick me an email if you are interested.

A bit of sad news last week. My boys skateboards were stolen from the back of my car ON OUR DRIVEWAY. To understand the impact of this ... the boys relinquished their birthday and xmas presents this year, we all saved diligently and were able to purchase them top of the line boards after they proved their commitment to skating last year by practicing all the time. My youngest, Marcus could even drop the big bowl at the local skate park - even the adults were impressed. Then my husband's work bought him a great skateboard too (much to the boys relief, they no longer had to share with their Dad). So we had a few sad days and a real challenge to forgive those who helped themselves to our families belongings. Aaaaargh! So now the boys do not want to replace them because they don't want to have this happen again. They appreciate money don't grow on trees. For his birthday this week, my 12 year old son chose the most affordable computer game ($20) because he understands and is thoughtful about our finances. We offered to go higher but he swears he is happy with his game.

On another note we have heard that my mother-in-law is currently undergoing tests for Alzheimer's. Prayers for a good outcome would be so welcome. My mother also underwent serious surgery but rung me from Brisbane hospital yesterday to reassure me she is well. We suddenly feel very protective of our parents, like they are our kids and we are their parents.

Well, I am off to bake a cake I think. The washing line is full and the house a bit messy, but somewhere (it is very quiet), I suspect my boys are snoozing having run themselves ragged.

Wishing you sunny days and warm thoughts.

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ArtPropelled said...

Whenever I think about you with your boys I picture skateboards. How disappointing! Richard definitely sounds like a gem, Rachelle. The time ahead will be so much easier with such a supportive husband.