Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Eye Candy for the heart and home ...

These books are due back but I wanted to share a glimpse of what's inside with you. I love old textiles - woollen blankets, handstitched doileys, crochet peggy square blankets, florals and old school prints, distressed furniture. It's what my home with my grandparents actually looked like, but in an uncontrived kinda way. Because 'shabby chic' wasn't even a phrase then. And things were built to last, repaired and reused again and again. Clothes were cut down from adults to childrens, the edges were crocheted and all our clothes were pressed to an inch of their lives with a wet tea towel and iron. Then when they were no longer wearable they went into a ragbag and used as ties in the garden for holding up tomato plants, or as dish cloths, or whatever. Nothing was wasted.
What is it about a pile of beautiful old linens neatly folded that takes my breath away ...

Why put your rice and pasta in jars when you could whip up some bags from ticking fabric? Ok, this might be a tad overboard because frankly my pantry is a big jumbled mess, and this would require me to have no children to maintain this measure of order. But still, the idea is nice.
And who can resist a fleamarket? Garage sale? Or op shop?
How is this for a child's room? I want to make a rag rug right now! Quilting is a bit too fiddly for me but if someone could show me how to make one in a couple of days, then I might be persuaded.
Stacks of random cushions and blankets creating cosy corners in different rooms. I love all the patterns. Not for me minimalism. I think I have managed to create a similar space in my bedroom but sharing this house with three males (soon to be four) means that our spaces have to be functional. But if I owned a big house, well! The mind boggles with what one could do. And I would have art all over the walls and lots of display spaces for beautiful handmade objects.
And this living room is the epitomy of my kinda style. A collage of wallpaper bits on the wall (I knew those great rolls of vintage wallpaper sitting in my garage would come in handy one day), with quilted old roll arm upholstered couches in vintage fabrics. I think the secret to the success of these rooms tend to be: No unnecessary clutter (which I couldn't do because I love collecting old things) and a blank canvas to start with like painted walls, bare floors, and no ugly bits. And we are renting so I don't really have the freedom to do all that I would love to.
And just because I love these couches, here are some close-ups.
Of course, the bright colours and bold patterns are what make these ping!
I currently have two boys sharing one bedroom and am trying to figure how to squeeze a baby in there too. Fact is, our home has been snug up til now, but with Knuckles appearing soon it's gonna get tighter. My studio will have to double as a baby room at night, and he will have to go into the boys room during school days, and our room on the weekend. Ideally, I'd love the kids to have their own rooms - it's difficult for my twelve year old sometimes, with his six year old brother - we all need our own space.
I love these custom built wooden bunks. How cosy are they?
I would love a nursery. I have collected preloved (some handmade) woollen blankets, embroidered sheets and a wee cane bassinet that's a bit hammered and seen some mileage. I've made some toys. His clothes have mostly been given to us in great preloved condition. Now I just need Knuckles to arrive. I figure in about three-six months I'll need a larger cot bed. I haven't gone overboard with stuff because frankly there is nowhere to put anything. Only a couple of items left including a carseat. A wooden change table would be nice but not necessary. I still want to make a cool bunting flag thing and a few other goodies but sitting for long periods at my sewing machine is too difficult now so will have to sew a few things after he's born. I wonder if I am dreaming or whether I will have time for crafting. I hope so.

For a real treat, I stumbled across an amazing blog that showcases amazing crafters and their homes. So if like me, you enjoy having a nosy in other peoples spaces for inspiration then visit: Scroll down the lists and then click on the links to get transported into some very clever peoples homes, their craft businesses and their products. I love the felted kids boots from FeltCafe and the home of Karen from Misha Lulu.

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Kristen said...

Oh those pictures are amazing...the Couch is my favorite! I love Cath Kidston books too, reading them always makes me want to redecorate.
I've never seen the book "Recycled Home", I think I might have to go to the Library now & see if I can find it. Thanks for the lovely post :)