Thursday, November 6, 2008

Some thrifting goodies ...

Feeling blogorific as I have lots of things to share: things I've made, things I've found and things to be excited about. Firstly, here are some of my finds from a day out at the local thrift shops on Wednesday.
A wee Meakin jug which will look great on my tea tray: $2.

Haberdashery including vintage buttons, snaps, embroidery scissors that work, safety pins on card, old solid crochet thread (10 nearly full rolls) for stitching and a wooden reel of thread. Love those wooden reels. Plus two old sweet tins for shoving more stuff in. $4.
Old school wooden rulers: 20 cents each.
Embroidery Book with cool instructions and old school patterns. Love the owl, have an owl friend who loves owls. $2.
Cool book on how to get lots of stuff into small spaces in an orderly way. Not minimalistic in the least and lots of cool pictures showing homes displaying beautiful old school objects. $2.
Enid Bylton's big story book. I like reading these to the boys although they are quite random and don't make a lot of sense. Very old English-y stories - some quite bizarre and even a little dark. Like children being cursed for bad manners and punished with sticks! Oh well, I like the illustrations too - naive and whimsical. Totally nostalgic. I will collect enough of these old school children's books to make the biggest collection of cards and labels for my kids' friends birthday cards as well as labels and packaging for my kids range of stuff including my handmade toys and clothes. I hate spending money on birthday cards, such a waste of money and they are expensive considering most people chuck 'em out after the day. Cost: 30 cents.
Some wee gloves: 20 cents. Destined to become a handmade toy soon.
Vintage tea towel faded and a little worn: $1. The more I see these old school prints and patterns (like on the Meakin milk jug), the more I love 'em. Can't wait to get printing my own stuff but more on that later.
Peggy square blanket, this is only a quarter of the size and its very solid but soft feeling. The hours that go into handmaking these is pretty breathtaking. And I only pay $7. I feel like I am salvaging and appreciating peoples handwork when I rescue these pieces. This will go on one of the new (secondhand) single beds I am looking for, for my sons along with the other wool blankets I am doing up for them.
A plastic bag with three vintage polyester baby girl dresses in it: $2.50 the lot! I don't know what I will do with these but who cares. They were destined to come home with me. Perhaps you have a little baby girl and love vintage things. Leave a comment or email me, and you can have them (NZ only please). Definitely suit someone who knows they are having a girl as these are small for approx six month baby perhaps. They were too gorgeous to leave behind crammed in a box under a table. I might just wait and see, because Knuckles might be Knucklina! But send me your details and I will throw them in the snail mail for you.
A yummy handstitched embroidered tablecloth with no stains: $5. This is just one corner. These will look great adorning our craft tables next year at the markets. I have collected a few of them and now look for them with a passion. My old suitcase full of vintage embroidered cloths is spilling over and due to be washed, ironed and repurposed.
Vintage embroidered bassinet sheets: $1 each. I love the ducks hat.
I love the woodland scene and all the little forest creatures in the next sheet. We saw a hedgehog last night. Marcus (6) was watching fireworks out his bedroom window and started yelling there was something outside. So of course the boys got out of bed and went outside in their pj's. They got a couple of pictures with a strict warning not to touch or scare the hedgehog. They were so excited. It reminded me of when we were kids, we would feed the hedgehogs that visited us peanut butter bread soaked in milk. $1.
Did you notice they are bearing flowers. Sweet.
I also scored a lampshade for my bedroom lamp as the synthetic one has worn through (typical mass-produced crap). The beautiful new vintage shade is green, my favourite colour in the whole world with a vintage floral design and olive green tassles. It looks great and I lay in bed last night admiring it for so long ... when I finally went to bed. I've been sewing in the wee hours. I love thrifting / op-shopping. It's treasure hunting to me and within my budget. Waddling around for that long was a bit much; and I could never find a toilet when I needed one; and it's a bit hard to hold all my bits and pieces and rummage at the same time. Still not long to go now. Am busting to get up to Trash Palace - it's spring time and that's when folks do their big cleanouts and it's the ideal time for garage/yard sales, op shops and of course, the local recycling unit.
I saw one person protesting Trash Palace in letters to the editor in our local rag last week. I agree somewhat that the local government is spending a lot of money to upgrade Trash Palace and possibly it's money that could be better used elsewhere perhaps ... but I love our special upcycling shop with it's incredible bargains. I scored some great wool blankets last week for the boys beds in winter, better than their polyester duvet covers which provide nil warmth. They are soft blue, 100% NZ wool. Plus a lovely baby's wool blanket, also NZ made. And these would've been chucked into the landfill. I also found a beautiful embroidered table cloth. And some cute egg cups (x4). Plus other bits and pieces. Total cost of purchases spilling out of my arms and two trips to the car to carry: $8.

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The Queen of Fifty Cents said...

Wow, what an amazing pile of loot! That hedgehog is the best!