Thursday, November 6, 2008

A victory for us all ...

Having been a blogger for awhile now, I count quite a few Americans amongst my online friends. I do not hate America for the war in Iraq, nor do I judge George Bush for making some very difficult decisions. I feel for the people of Iraq who have been victimised in this war and for the people of America who have fought for freedom in a country they have been reluctant to remain in. I am glad that Sadam was toppled. He was evil and corrupt, and personally responsible for crimes against humanity.
I watched the new President elect's first address to the world with millions of others the other night. My son (12) and I. It was a great moment filled with heady emotion and inspiring words. I couldn't help but feel that Obama inherits many burdens with his win. Lots of conflict and expectations fall on his shoulders. I have a deep desire and hope that his character endures, that he is what he says he is and is able to deliver what we all desire. Stability, movement towards better living for all and an honest leadership. I also was aware that his election will cause many insecure people to be more angry and resentful.
As a minority in my own country, it does signal change for all of us around the world. It makes the seemingly impossible possible doesn't it? I think God's fingerprints are all over this one and pray that this symbol of hope, this incredible moment in time that we are blessed to have witnessed is but the beginning of a new time for all of us. Not because of a great man but because of our great God.

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