Sunday, March 8, 2009

Cloth and stones

At Pataka, the current exhibition showcases some of the artists to be found amongst the staff of Porirua City Council. There are wonderful paintings, photographs, sculptures and textiles to be found. I have two pieces here, one made at India's wonderful summer workshop called "Mapping Country" and the second was more a crafting experiment with stones from our local beach here in Titahi Bay.

"On the Mend" is a cloth I made while on the mend from the birth of third son Knuckles (aka little Richie). I loved making holes and then mending them and patching them with bits of natural-dyed felted wool. This had hung on my bedroom wall for all of one day before it got taken to Pataka. Can't wait to get it back again.

I love the way things hung in a gallery are exposed beneath those lights for the first time because they spend the majority of their life up til then scrunched up on my lap being stitched or bundled into a dye pot or two. There's always a surprise or three in store when I see it. A lot like carrying a baby and then seeing it for the first time. Much thanks to Australian artist India Flint for a great workshop last summer at Whitireia. "It's Warm In The Bay"

Stones, wool - crochet

There is something quite lovely about being able to incorporate natural elements from one's environment into one's work. I love the idea of smooth cool round stones being wrapped in textiles that are warm and textured. This time with age-old craft of crochet and some chunky handspun wool I found at a local craft fair under a table for a few dollars. There's a couple still sitting by my fireplace which I will take to the beach next time. It would be interesting to see what somebody thinks if they are found. Or the elements will have fun with them no doubt. These stones with their own handknitted jerseys.

It's coming into autumn here and getting cooler. Some felting of little shoes, knitting and crocheting are about to come into play. Plus some local mum's have asked for a few little classes to make stuff for their littlies. So it's all fun.

And ... this Wednesday night is our monthly get together of The Clever Crafting Project gathering here in Titahi Bay at Aunt Daisy's from 7.30pm. All welcome, for all crafters, bring your project, a friend and some $ for coffee. I look forward to seeing everyone there.


twisted sister said...

Now this I can really relate to
what a fabulous blanket

ArtPropelled said...

Rachelle, On the Mend is such an exciting piece! We've read snippets about it since it's inception and I admit to being horrified when you said you were going to put it in the dye pot....but of course you knew exactly what you were doing and I love it even more now.

Mama Bird said...

Lovely work! Stones wrapped in their own crochet coverings.

I will be definately coming to the next meet up at Aunt Daisy's (with my knitting in tow!)

india flint said...

blessings dear heart....