Tuesday, September 22, 2009

crochet ... my new love.

When I was little, my grandmother, 'Mama' as we knew her sat down every evening and created textiles for our home. I remember her always crocheting bedspreads, edges on cloths, etc. And now I have the bug. So happy to have a new little something to fiddle around with.

And here are some images and websites I've found recently.

Anthropologie has some beautiful throws patched together from diverse knitted and crocheted bits and pieces.

Sophie Digard also has some beautiful scarves and jewellery. At Google, you can scroll down to Image Results for Sophie Digard. She's also selling her wares through Selvedge, the all time winner of textile magazines.
Try sitting here mid-autumn, rugged up, surrounded by fresh washed vintage thrifted blankets. Its soooo good. My stack of handknitted and crochet blankets. I will post foto"s


ArtPropelled said...

Ohhh what a glorious image .... all those beautiful colours! I had a great aunt who taught me to crochet. wherever she went her basket of crochet work would go too. She made every grandchild and niece and nephew a crochet bedspread.

Unknown said...

Another great place that carries Sophie Digard is Ped Shoes. I have one scarf and just ordered a necklace (the pop pastille one).