Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Community Spirit

My heart was incredibly stirred by a documentary shown on tv here in NZ about poverty and our children. It created a stir in the local community as much of it was based here in Porirua, our home town. You can view it by clicking on the link HERE.
It was a privilege today to come out and support locals from Porirua east as a city. Eighty eight submissions to oppose the licence renewal of a local liquor shop located opposite a primary school were being presented at court today. More information HERE.
Kids deserve to feel safe in their school, on the way to school, at the shop and in their community. We know people drink but let them go to the CBD to purchase their alcohol.

The press were all up in it. I was winking at her as he clamboured up for a better view.

My new friend Kiri and her son, along with a Maori warden. A calm and friendly atmosphere prevailed.

Local principal of Russell School, this woman is a modern day hero who is standing her ground for her students and community.

Lots of placards and community spirit.

Standing together united outside the court house. A community that is finding its own solutions. Incredibly inspiring.
Little Richie aka Knuckles happily plays with his balloon. Wished I'd had the foresight to pull my kids from school. Next time I'll be ready with a placard and t-shirts. Anything to support families in my country. And its lots of fun.
It reminded me of the story about the starfish. A man was walking a beach littered with 1000's of starfish that had washed up in the tide. Every wave brought more. He came across a young boy who was throwing them back, a handful at a time. It seemed futile because they were coming in faster than he could hope to throw them back. The man asked "Why waste your time?! You're not making any difference. Can't you see the ocean is throwing them back at you?". The boy held up a starfish and said "It makes a difference to this one."
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Flower said...

Well done! I only saw half of that Doco but I bet it was a wake up call for many New Zealanders. Sadly were stuck with the Nats for another 3 years which I doubt will aid the situation much??

Stacey said...

I LOVED the story of the boy and the starfish.
I think what happened today in Porirua is the beginning of a groundswell of change which will be driven by a society who has had enough of the inequalities in this present day in New Zealand. The children are our future and we definitely need to start protecting them.

zippiknits...sometimes said...

The Starfish story is wonderful!

I agree that communities have the best chance of changing things in their own areas, and then the state and then the rest of the country as support grows. For the people, not a lot starts at the top at the federal level. The people in federal governments are not as in tune or as receptive to issues as local elected officials.

Thanks for standing up and making those waves.

Arija said...

Good for you! I like the story of the starfish, if no-one raises a finger, there will be no change and common greed will prevail. I do hope you succeed in stopping the liquor licence.

Knuckles just gets cuter every time I see him.

Wishing you all a happy New Year with mountains of love and good health and oodles of inspiration! . . . Arija

Anonymous said...


I love your starfish story! ♥♥♥