Monday, November 21, 2011

"Second Skin"

She is one of my living heroes. A quiet, unassuming woman who loves Aotearoa as much as I do.

India Flint, Titahi Bay beach 2010.

I'm so proud of my dear friend (and skin sister) India and her latest book "Second Skin".

India's taonga

Just this morning as I was cruising around my favourite blogs seeing what my favourite textile artists were up to, I came across a wonderful article by Natalie Chanin. (Go cruise around her website and see her amazing designs). She wrote a lovely little ditty about Indi's book here.

'skin sisters'

The book is incredible. I'm borrowing my friend Betty-Ann's at the moment. Its on my Christmas wishlist. I'm saving it for summer reading but I delve in to drink in the images which are phenomenal. I've even been credited with discovering a natural dye. Yes, I'm mentioned within these pages. Little old me!

I love reading in bed

Its an honour to be in literary company with some of the world's leading contemporary textile artists. Women who's work and often lives take my breath away.

Christine Mauersberger who does beautiful uncomplicated intriguing work with stitch on cloth. I love her simple palette of black and white, red and white. LOVE it. Go HERE, HERE, and HERE for images of her work. And HERE where she talks about India's book as well.

Dorothy Caldwell who I think echoes the same depth and expanse of NZ's incredible Colin McCahon on cloth. I feel a little breathless when I see it. The same happens when I look at McCahon's work and then look again, and then again because that's what it is, layers and layers. You never get to the bottom of it. Go HERE to here India share about Dorothy Caldwell herself. And if you are ever fortunate to do a workshop with her, lucky lucky you is all I can say!

Anu Tuominen one of my favourite collections artist because I am a bower bird myself. She did THIS amazing collection of pot holders which is one of my favourite things funnily enough for instance.

And definitely not least, Jude Hill whose work year after year stays true but goes deeper. She epitomises the words Slow and Cloth. Her latest workings are always intriguing. She shares so very honestly her process and her inspiration. This was important for me as I started my creative journey. Trying to understand how to put into words why I made what I did. What triggered the use of this object or that mark made. People like Jude, India and the women above keep us honest.

Little old Ahipara Girl

Sometimes in my own small world that revolves around a messy house, childcare and the daily routine of being mama, I get a buzz to think that in a strange way, I'm rubbing shoulders with some amazing people who I've yet to meet.

"Second Skin" is in all the great New Zealand bookshops right now. Try Minerva on Cuba Street if you're in Wellington or online here. (And you will find me on page 265 if you can tear your eyes away from all the visual candy to be found within this incredible book.)

Feeling so clever until helpful husband pointed out its back to front. ;)

Well done Indi. Your mama and your babes must be so proud of you too. I sure am and count it a privilege to be your skin sister. "Second Skin" is an incredible work. x
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Arija said...

You bet i'm proud and also very proud to call you my skin daughter you magical woman.

Ahipara Girl said...

Thanks mama. U always have the best words for me. xxx

Sweetpea said...

What a beautiful post, filled with so much love!
Many thanks for all the links, too - an abundance of inspiration.

henrietta (aka ani aka zani) said...

a wonderful tribute to some amazingly talented artist, individuals that define Human in the best way...thank you

ArtPropelled said...

What a delicious post! It's surprising i didn't get lost following links ..... and then I discovered your Pinterest. I'm so touched at all the wonderful mentions. Thank you!! India's book has such a great cover and I bet the inside is wonderful too.

Mona said...

This book is still on my wish list too! The sneak peaks makes me shiver - I know I won't be dissapointed when I finally get it. Thanks for the 'taster' :)