Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year to all our friends and family.
At the hospital I was fully dilated and ready to deliver my baby naturally. My team consisted of my husband, my mum and my midwife. All things were going well but his position and my anatomy just weren't synchronised that day. The call was made to deliver him via surgery after several hours of labour. Knuckles was ready to make an entrance into the world one way or another.
My husband brings our baby to me for my first look at Knuckles. Our wee baby finally arrived on 17 December 2008 at 4pm, 4 days over his due date and via emergency ceasarean. Weighing 3.2kgs or 7lbs 1oz, Richard John Ngariki Toimata is in great health. Yep, new borns look funny but to me, this is the most beautiful vision in the world.My four men. How many people does it take to bath a baby? Three of course.My little bean in his pod finally at home after seven days in hospital. My mother has been here throughout the whole ordeal and what a blessing she is. I am so grateful to have had this experience with her. She has been invaluable in innumerable ways. My angel midwife, Penina who has been a godsend throughout the past 9.5 months and especially the last fortnight during the birth and after care. A good midwife is priceless.I am well, being cared for and indulged, and recovering relatively smoothly. Typical mood swings but this baby is so worth it all. I am so happy, we all are. Please forgive me for not writing sooner, and for the sporadic nature of the next month or so as we come to grips with our new baby yet again. Thank you for all your encouraging emails and comments, phone calls and gifts. Being older parents, we are so much more relaxed than 12 years ago with our first son, and even six years ago with our second son. The most amazing miracle is how our hearts just expand to fit this new little baby, with more love to go around. I now have three children and it is so exciting. I am definitely looking forward to being a 'creative crafting' mum this year as my career takes a back seat for a while. And if you want to cuddle the baby you have to take a ticket, he's in pretty hot demand.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Due date been and gone ...

And still no sign of Knuckles. However my mum has arrived and spent the past week spoiling us. We are enjoying having her around and don't want to let her go. On her first morning, my youngest sat wrapped in a blanket watching her sleep, waiting for her to wake. He then brought out all his 'friends' to meet his Nan. I miss living near family for this very reason.
A few crafty girls came over to meet my mum and get creative together. What a morning tea we enjoyed too! Banana cake with cream cheese icing, homemade cookies and lots of bevies. Hint: Don't try teaching at 40 weeks pregnant! I'm sure I was the most impatient and grumpiest tutor ever. Still we got some things made and picked up new skills along the way.
Here the girls proudly show their handiwork.
I will keep you posted on the baby news front. Until then, back to spending time with family and enjoying the warmer weather.

Sunrise Porirua Harbour

The sky was on fire.