Saturday, April 30, 2011

Holland Road Yarns, Petone

I headed out recently with a few of the girls from our Clever Crafting Project group for a road trip of the crafting kind. On the agenda was the new yarn store in Petone "Holland Road Yarns".

We had fun perusing the aisles and enjoying the lovely kitsch treasures we spotted including vintage milk crates with the old school milk bottles used to hold knitting needles. A dish of button cards and reels of trims. An old wooden file cabinet used to contain needles for sale. Lovely handmade cats from vintage blankets. Yarn books and of course screeds of yarn, in all hues for sale. Our knitters purchased patterns and yarn.

We parked ourselves up on the couch and coaxed the shop assistant to take a few impromptu shots of the girls. If you love yarn, or fancy finding a place to explore your desire to knit, then we heartily endorse the new yarn shop in Petone.

The Clever Crafting Project was a group I co-founded with my art school buddy Cleo a couple of years back. We meet monthly in our own homes to craft and share in all things creative. If you're local and interested in attending, leave a message in the comments section.

If you love knitting, then you will love this store.

Gorgeous displays of yarn in both natural and coloured hues.

I have been on the look out for a vintage milk crate and milk bottles.
This trip did nothing to help my longing for one.

I loved this!

Books, another passion of mine. I love books!

The adorable Chrissy holds up one of the cats made from a vintage wool blanket. There's something more-ish about handmade toys. They're for adults just as much as they are for kids.

I'm a sucker for anything with a cross on it. Darling Bonnie with her Kath Kidston bag and handknit beanie models this gorgeous cushion spectacularly. I love my crafting buddies.

Betty-Ann and Bonnie peruse the patterns available.

I'm a numbskull. I forgot to get his name but I am always fascinated by men who knit. My grandfather did having mended his own fishing nets. Did you also spot the lovely bowl of button cards right there on the desk? And the very cool yellow chair. I have a thing for yellow at the mo.

A bowl of trims. I got some vintage rick rack for $1, sigh.

A bowl of fingerweight sock yarn. Gorgeous.

And these drawers were rather gorgeous too.

A bowl of button cards. Something for everyone.

We'll definitely be back to join in a knitalong and imbibe in the great atmosphere this store has. Go see for yourself.
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My little Picasso

I cherish these days with my last little son. He is growing so quickly and brings me so much joy. I am blessed to have three great sons. One teenager, one child and one toddler. Being a mama is my favourite thing in the world. Its hard, its relentless but like Jack Nicholson said in the movie 'As Good As It Gets', "You make me want to be a better man". Well, my kids do make me a better person. They really truly do.


A trip to Napier with a bunch of kids over the wet school holidays and a husband working long hours meant that given a couple of hours to myself I hit the local opportunity shops hard. I love thrifting. Its my favourite thing in the world.
Detail of linen shirt with shell buttons, $4.

A pile of linen and cotton shirts $2-$4 max.

My Haul

The big pile of old linens were such an exciting find. Getting four pieces for 20 cents - 50 cents.

I'm not a great cook but enjoy local books because they use the ingredients in my cupboard.

Kerikeri Casserole anyone?

I love baking and the classics.

The original owners handwritten chocolate cake recipe.

Flowers I picked with my two year old on a walk about the place. Hibiscus and lavender. Where I live is too cold for hibiscus so I'm always happy to see them. My grandmothers favourite flower.

I have a collection of body parts that have found their way into my possession over the years.

This was in the free pile. My baby has had fun high fiving everyone with it.

Old school glass cream bottles, $1 each.

Brand new handknit hat, $2.

Inscription on handmade sewing box created from Xmas cards. $2.
"From Ruth 1985"

Interior of little handmade box.

Exterior of handmade box.

Handknit for my two year old with embroidery, $1.50! Score.

A few finds. This makes me happy.

Added to my ever growing collection of vintage handmade linens.

I love piles of doileys. Shhhh .... its a secret.
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