Friday, August 3, 2012

Stressed spelt backwards is Desserts

"Stressed spelt backwards is desserts". I read that on Facebook this week. I would rather desserts right now, but there's more stress and work than anything else. That's moving though, its one of the greatest stressors in life.

There's only a week and a half before we leave New Zealand for Australia. I will be a foreigner but I really have no time thankfully to stop and mull that one over. I've been sifting and sorting my little heart out here, trying to prepare and its like swimming in soup. Lots of effort, with small increments of progress. Still, we are about to leave our home and stay with friends for the final week. In just the shortest of times, it will all be done.

One thing that was a pleasant surprise was tracking through my old photos and finding a few of our early photos including a few dating ones, wedding snaps and our first son.

There's not many photos of our early days because a camera was a luxury as was having a film developed. Seventeen years we've been married this year. He's still my best friend and a great dad. This move we are making is for our children but our family is built on an abiding love for one another and for God.

I believe in marriage just like I believe in the goodness of people. Is it easy? No but nothing really is, is it. We can only do our best and the rest is up to God. If I can encourage anyone ever, its just to keep putting your best foot forward. Even with the best intentions and plans, things don't always work out. And sometimes from tragedy, joy and triumph are birthed. We never truly know how strong we are. But I am always up for a miracle and can truly marvel at how great the plans of God are for each of us. He really does love us, each one. I am so grateful for this life of mine. x