Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Its been awhile ...

Since I last wrote. It's been an interesting year. One that's been an amalgamation of who I have been and what I am now. Most of my energies these days go into parenting my three sons. I am not grand at doing lots of things well at the same time. I am better to be focused on one thing and for now that is the raising of our boys. I still find time to potter with making things and have a bit of work for next year as an artist but mostly I am working in my home and community growing people.

a small stitched bag of japanese cotton and silk, and a doiley

At the end of every year and heading into the New Year, I am always challenged and excited by the prospect of a whole blank year ahead that is full of possibilities. Its become a prayerful time for me, each year as I set my heart and life before God and seek His heart and direction for my life. In my heart of hearts the answer is always the same "Love God, Love People." Its been this way for several years now as I've sought His presence.

stone and cotton, crochet

I have my own little ambitions. A big yellow painting or print that will encapsulate the designs and tribal influences that shape my art work for an exhibition at our city gallery. I have been puddling with art for a while now, exhibiting here and there but this year is the first year that I've started to grasp and understand my own artistic voice and expression. Its interesting that it has happened for me in my family life and my spiritual life as well. Synchronicity. Well, we shall see. Watch this space.

small treasures from the moana

In the meantime, that little voice inside me says "Don't forget the small things. Don't forget the understated. The seemingly unimportant. Being thankful. Being gracious. Being kind. Sharing. Giving a damn. Taking time to sit and be still. Laughing and playing with my kids. Being gentle with those who frustrate me. Being a blessing. Doing good. Praying." Much like these buttons I continuously find on my beach walks along our beach. If you aren't looking for them, you won't see them. They turn up in the unlikeliest places.

passion bloom

This is the flower from a passionfruit. Its from my friend Cleo's garden. It's beautiful. And the fruit grows out of the flower. I've been thinking how we can often stop short and start admiring something not realising that's its potential isn't fully realised yet. People are like that. I've been chasing this idea that I had of myself not realising that the way I viewed myself stopped short of who I actually am. My strengths, my talents, my personality are like this flower. They are the obvious. What has been more exciting is seeing what happens when I take those things and surrender them to the service of loving others. Then the fruit comes. People feeling good about themselves. Discovering a God who cares about them. Feeling supported and loved. Who doesn't want that? I love it when people encourage me and believe in me. And now I enjoy being that person who can also encourage others. May we all bloom and bear fruit this coming year.
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