Monday, March 15, 2010

no eye candy ...

I'm having trouble uploading photos. It's been impossible to write without visuals. I use them as jumping off points.

Lots of things have been happening:
  • I turned 39!
  • I had my first painting ever accepted into a exhibition as well as my covered stone installation.
  • I have finally become part of a church ministry, assisting with community ministry in our new church.
  • I never realised until recently how frustrated I was without a voice. I have found it and I use it regularly.
  • The kids are doing brilliant.
  • I am finding my flow as wife, mother, artist and counsellor ... slowly and steadily.
  • I have done a rough! business plan.
  • I have great friends.
  • My husband is a rollicking great worship leader!
  • My creative ventures are starting to take on a distinct Rachelle-flavour. We all strive for our own authentic style and distinction. I think I'm starting to understand what mine is.

I hope to get photos here soon. Watch this space.