Saturday, March 22, 2008


This is my amazing mum at her workplace, a designer homewares store in Brisbane. She has only been working part time for a few weeks now and already holds the sales record in Australia. My mum is like that. Nothing she does is half-hearted. I take my hat off to her, she continues to be a great teacher and inspiration. I miss my mum. Sometimes like this last week, I just wanted to be heard and understood and I reckon my mum does that real well. She's an artist too, and although her main media is paint, she has encouraged me along in my journey of mixed media over the years, buying me supplies. When I was a kid, she let me decorate my room however I wanted. I had posters all over of Boy George, Prince, Billy Idol, Bon Jovi and Madonna. She bought me second hand furniture and let me paint it, we converted a door into my first desk with some bricks. Even cooler, she would give me money at the fleamarkets, and I would come home with big rubbish bags full of exotic stuff. Fake fur jackets, mini skirts, diamantes, sparkly things, net stockings, jewellery and ornaments for my bedroom. Probably completely inappropriate for my age, but oh the fun I had creating my own look and I think that is why I don't abide by no rules when it comes to my own sense of style. Who says pink and orange don't go?

Time for a brag. My Mum runs her own art studio; works part time; is currently studying for her real estate licence; fund raises for the Thai orphanages she visits anually; supports my dad who has his own business; has my grandmother, brother, his wife and son all living at home; opens the doors and has people stay frequently; runs a woman's group; and is involved in ministry in her church. She is a powerhouse. When Stevie Wonder wrote the song "Brick house", I think he meant my mother.
My mum and I, after a day creating art. Very cool. I wish we at least lived in the same country.
I received an email from her this morning just encouraging me. She read my blog. She too is used to people knocking her back sometimes. My mum is totally bohemian, she is creative and sticks out of any crowd. She is strong and she knows her own mind. Not easy to do when the crowd is often moving in another direction. And she is willing to admit when she is wrong. Not easy to do either. I love the phrase 'I'm sorry' and I am happy to say that it is a term my family uses and understands. It has not been in past generations. No way, the way of my ancestors was anger, grudges and revenge. You were encouraged to be pissed off all the time. No more though, we are definitely into more peaceful ways on being.
This is a photo of us after a weekend retreat a couple of years ago. We were both really tired but it was so neat. She flew over to New Zealand and spent a few days with me. We also painted my lounge and purchased some new leather couches. So she is still enabling me to decorate, just my rooms have increased. We do disagree and carry on sometimes because that is what strong women do but it is still very respectful. Age seems to have mellowed us both, it is more important for us to get on, than to be right. Nobody wins when someone is hurting. I am grateful for the maturity and spirit of forgiveness we have grown between us. Not easy at a distance, not easy with a past as speckled as ours, but proof that nothing broken can't be mended. I love my mum, I honour her and I am grateful she is in my life.

PS. I think and type very quickly and so often these posts are full of typo's. But that is ok, I aim to please everyone, so will not correct my mistakes. This is for those who like to find fault. There is even something for you here too.


ArtPropelled said...

Your mum sounds like quite the powerhouse! I would love to zoom in to look at some of the things hanging on her studio wall. Thanks for sharing Rachelle. The bond we have with our mums is precious.

mormar said...

That was a beautiful post...
YOur mom sounds amazing!