Sunday, March 9, 2008

The pictorial journey ...

The local eucalyptus tree on Pohutakawa Lane.
I am so glad there is tribal land in New Zealand. This is a fantastic place, perched at the edge of the city, located on the sea shore. We should have more land like this set aside.
Just love these old pa-style fort-like fences.
Hongoeka Marae viewed through the gates.
Seaweed for my healing cloth.
Mana Island in the background, a sacred place for local Maori. It looked particularly beautiful tonight from Hongoeka's shores as Rich carries my bucket of seawater to the car. I think the birds thought it was dinnertime.
My self-portrait challenge. And I am that skinny ... yeah right.
Here are two of my guys amusing themselves while I do my thing.
A few rusted bits, some paua, some twine and the sea water is already in the car. Now all I need is a nice piece of fabric and heat.
Quick, stop. Railway lines. By now you will know of my fascination with these rusted bolts. Can never have too many. The association of collecting, journeys and travel, plus 'rust' with all its connatations. I must have them.
Being safe, I venture along the sides of the train tracks where accessible.
Here he is, he slept through the whole journey. Tucked under my cardigan, my little skater snoozes. He didn't even wake for dinner, he will sleep through until morning now.
Mmmmmm, Supreme Coffee.
We sat in the car (too cold to sit outside) and watched the sun set over Mana Island.

And check out this site if you are interested in rust dye on cloth. which has lots of lovely photos of her work.


india flint said...

that eucalyptus (cinerea) processed according to recipe on my webpage (in rainwater)will give you brilliant red...processed in seawater will be different colour...looking forward to result..

ArtPropelled said...

A lovely mix of photographs today.It's great to meet someone who is also excited about finding big rusty bolts. I love the photograph of the birds wheeling above the beach and also the amazing carvings of Hongoeka Marae.