Saturday, March 8, 2008

Still quiet, quietly still ...

For me this is my quiet place. My studio is set up a bit more because I start organising things. I spent hours at the library today doing research. I slept.

My shoulder and arm are in pain. I get it when I spend too much time 0n the computer. Thank God for anti-inflammatory meds. That makes two of us with broken wings, my son and I.
My sewing project is all set up ready to go. My workbooks are begging for attention. And because of the pain, I cannot concentrate on anything for long. Even this is excruciating.

The one pay off I find sickness brings, is a gratitude for when I am healthy and well. I find my priorities become better defined when I am limited like this. This is frustrating because I have lots of cool things to do, and I can't. This is the third time in less than a year that this has happened, the first time it lasted six months.
The weather is getting cooler, and today wore my cardigan, beanie and scarf. I do love wearing my winter clothes, it's a comfort thing.
That is key for me right now. Comfort and self-care. Soon, soon I will come up and out of this place, again. Popped over to Ornamental where it seems Nina is having a similar experience.

If I could, I would:

* Be painfree;
* A little further ahead with my research;
* Able to have a cup of tea with my mother and grandmother;
* Buy some new clothes.

This is my cloth experiment, using muslin, dyed in flax, stretched and manipulated by hand.

A piece of seaweed, experimenting with different materials for weaving etc.

My studio is clear and ready for my work this year.


india flint said...

find something faded and bundle it with goodness and all those fantastic things you found railside, slosh on the water from your beautiful sea and let it rest awhile, whilst you heal as well.

much cheaper (and much more satisfying) than supporting the fast fashion industry

hugs from across the ditch xx

Ahipara Girl said...

Thanks India for that lovely suggestion. Am off now to get some seawater. Took the kids to the mall for hotdogs and shakes but couldn't wait to get back to my space. I am so glad I found art, I used to spend money to fill the spaces. Now I create spaces to make art, to hopefully make money. Now if I could just get some cheap silk, she'd be right!