Wednesday, April 2, 2008

still here ...

I received some photos of my wee nephew via email today. How gorgeous is he? He looks Scottish. Check out those big baby blues and red curly hair. Mind you, my brother Sean is a strapping big white fullah and has blonde hair, blue eyes and is half Maori too. My other bro, Quinton is big and black and gorgeous. So funny. I had red/ blonde hair as a kid and have green eyes and olive skin. Stick us in a crowd and you wouldn't pick us to be family let alone siblings. My great grandfather was of Yugoslavian descent, which is now Croatia. He came from a little village on the coast

Both my bros are happily married in Australia and within months of each other, heralded in their firstborns, both sons. I sometimes wish I could tie a rope to Australia, and pull it a little closer so we wouldn't have to leave our homes and could live in our countries of preference while still being able to pop over for a cuppa and some fried bread.

Artwise I am making clayheads, a body form for fitting my clothes onto and completing my workbooks. Tomorrow I will make my own mannequin from chicken wire which will be fun. The craft hub was abuzz tonights, ladies working on altered clothing, books, jewellery and claywork. My friend Cheryl came along, it's so nice we will see each other often and make things too.

Counting down to a significant date for me later in April. It just might be I will get to meet someone I rave about here all the time, but I will wait until it happens before I spill. Until then, just know the anticipation is palpable and mounting. She is wonderful and American and quite possibly coming to visit me here. I already am thinking of Trash Palace and local op shops, Hongoeka marae, beach combing our windswept beaches for heart stones, a trip to Owen's house (a jeweller, carver and collector extrodanaire), lots of tea and coffees, maybe a few wines and some wonderful bonding. I want to make a gift, but I am not sure what to create as this person is so creative in her own right. Do you have any ideas? Do you think a felted eco-printed wool/silk scarf would be ok? I know I would love to receive one ... If you have any other ideas, let me know. Hahaha, no pressure, yeah right!

By the way, the RSI seems to have disappeared, I just have to remember to stay off the computer for lengthy periods.

Ok, go well friends and family, rest, play, smile, do what you love, and definitely kiss more.

Arohanui koutou



ArtPropelled said...

I think this person would love an Ahiparagirl original felted scarf for those long walks along misty beaches. I am so jealous! I would give anything to be there, chatting, gathering, moodling, arting, swigging and just enjoying every moment.

Lavinia said...

The scarf sounds ideal. Your heritage sounds like a fascinating mix. I've enjoyed dropping by your blog...I'll be back to enjoy more.


Lavinia said...

Thanks for the compliment on my little dog. He always looks so tiny when he comes back from the salon and all his fluffy fur is gone. I'd like to ask you about something you wrote here: "beach combing our windswept beaches for heart stones,"

Please tell me, what is a heart stone? I've never heard that phrase. Is it something special to New Zealand?



Rika said...

What a sweet little boy!