Thursday, September 25, 2008

The comforts of home ...

Here is my son Marcus, all of six and with his own definite sense of style. I finally caved in and let him dye his hair. He wants a tattoo and an earring too. Yes, I concede he may be tattooed when he is 18. We have a dear friend who specialises in Pacific Polynesian designs and when the time comes, if the boys wish, will be responsible for their Niuean / Tahitian / Maori designs. I think Marcus wants a skull tattoo. We'll see ...

I found this tiny felt monkey and terrier dog skulking around. I made them one night when I couldn't sleep. Funny that these small creations took around two hours at least each!
My two favourite new books, again purchased from Minerva bookshop on Cuba Street. Visual candy to say the least. I am so inspired but need to spend some time finishing my current projects.

One cold day I had some mince (ground beef to you Americans) and a few potatoes. Looky, my first cottage pie. I made it in my favourite Crown Lyn bowl I found at Trash Palace for a couple of bucks. Only because it is the closest thing I own to a casserole bowl. Very delicious and a favourite of the kids.Tea anyone? I drink copious amounts of hot sweet tea at the moment. It must be Earl Grey Tea too. I found the tea cosy in a bin that said "10 items for $2" at the local barn-sized recycled clothing centre. Total cost: 20c. I then had to look for a teapot and found a purple one at Trash Palace for $2!!! The tray was handpainted by my mother. The little beaded doily sugar cover also made by mum. And the teacups, well, another gift from my mum. Making up a tea tray has become a 'several times a day' constitution in our home. The biscuit jar is constantly being refilled.

And look what other treasures I found today. The flowers came from my garden. The little kitsch Hawaii tiki milk jug from a garage sale for $1 last year. The groovy retro yellow teapot was found at the Plimmerton Salvation Army Family Store today for $2!!! Bonus!

I have been blessed with so many second-hand clothes for 'Knuckles' to the point of excess. I love pre-loved clothing and it's exciting because I can pass it on as well. It serves me a sense of doing good to my planet in that I am recycling and not giving in to consumerism.

Those baby shops are full of goods that are tempting but honestly, do people really not understand that we cannot keep making processed goods and tossing things out without serious consequences. Landfills cannot cope with all the plastic crap going into them. People work in underpaid and unhealthy conditions in third world countries to provide us with whatever we want.

I love the concept of slow-fashion. The idea that we pay a little more for handmade quality goods that go the distance and the money goes into the pocket of the maker. And on that note, I would rather pay $20 for a free-range organic chicken and only eat chicken once a month, than eat a freak chicken that is fast-fed/grown in terrible conditions. That goes for pork and fruit and all the rest of my kai. No, I am not a purist but I am definitely more conscious these days.

Ok, definitely off to bed now. Toodles.


carole brungar said...

WOO HOO! Your back! Hey what a neat couple of blog entries, I loved the tutorial, thanks for sharing! I think I might bookmard their classes for next year. I had to go down south this time. Your work is very inspiring, especially your blanket! Oh, and I love your purchases! Pleased you are all fine and I think Knuckles is going to be the best dressed kid around!

Richard said...

hey gorgeous, great blog, can't wait to use our new teapot. rich.

ArtPropelled said...

Hey when did these 3 posts sneak past? I've just had a wonderful time catching up and loving all your wonderful creations. Love the white blanket (pleeeease don't change it) and your goofy toys....and your dear son's new "do". So time is rushing by and before we know it Knuckles will be here. You sound so relaxed and together, enjoying your pregnancy.