Sunday, November 30, 2008

Here's another idea ...
Here's a tutorial on how to make your own covered cases. I love that she uses vintage kid's books, dictionary pages and is NOT technical. All you need is loads of Mod Podge (but I use PVA for everything cause it's cheaper!), time, a sharp craft knife, a suitcase or old makeup box (even tin can's), and old clothes. What fun.
NB: I think it's important to note that while we can take advantage of other crafter's tutorials and their amazing generosity for our own personal use, it is important to acknowledge where ideas originate. Secondly, when a person is making their living from their craft, do not go and undersell them in their marketplaces. This kind of sharing is part of our wonderful world of creativity and is a real blessing. Unfortunately I have read recently of people having their work copied and sold on as 'original' works in the same towns and marketplace (Etsy is rife with blatant rip-offs sometimes). I believe that's bad practice and while no art or craft work is without influence, we need to stay honest and have integrity in our practice wherever possible. The kaupapa or protocols are tricky because it's hard to copyright a lot of what we do. It's up to us to keep it 'all good'.
Personally, I think mimicry is flattering and that we all start by copying others (even if it was your mother teaching you to knit a scarf), but we also need to try and put our own twist on our own works eventually, and develop our own designs wherever possible. Also, I think truly creative people don't run out of ideas and can keep on creating. They are not threatened with sharing their learning and knowledge. I am where I am because others were not elitist and did not withold but enthusiastically shared their passion and skills with me. I also have paid out big money to spend time with other artists learning my skills and a lot of time at art school and in my own life just playing and refining my own ideas. We just need to also appreciate that many artists and craftspeople have spent years refining their practices and processes, and to respect their work by referencing them and even making contact to make sure we don't inadvertently 'step on anyones toes'.
Ok, lecture over. Have fun making this season.


Arija said...

I second you r moral attitude. It is hard enough to make a living as an artist-teacher let alone when peoplefilch your methods fromone workshop and then pass them off as their own. But somewhere there is the law of Karma and when generosity is misused it often comes back to bite you.

Martine said...

Hello Rachelle, want you to know that i love your blog.
Are you doing well? With the baby coming any day now.
Gues he'll look just as gorgious as his two brothers.

twisted sister said...

Obviously cannot agree with the anti cat propaganda
thinking of you hope you are all well and baby number three and mother too xx
any silence from you and I imagine you are in the throes of labour!!

ArtPropelled said...

Thanks for all the gorgeous links and photographs over the last 3 posts. I can't believe Knuckles will be here any day now. I'll be thinking of you, rachelle.