Sunday, November 23, 2008

Titahi Bay at tea time ...

I think most families are eating their dinner and getting their kids ready for bed around 7pm. We however prefer to play and avoid all that responsible stuff, especially when the sun is shining and the weather is warm. Some days I cannot believe our good fortune to be living minutes from the sea. And don't ya love it when all the elements add up to some great photos.
The boys at waters edge.Sand patterns.
Sand bombs courtesy of Nemaia for launching at Marcus. Me and Knuckles.
But really, this is how I go to the beach. I drive on, sit in the car, watch the boys, stitch and drink a coffee from Aunt Daisy's.
I cannot wait until I can walk normally again. The 'waddle' has gotten old.
My little fellah, Marcus sits on his chair from Trash Palace ($1) and tries to warm up.
I have such a close connection with the sea. It is tied undoubtably to my own childhood in Ahipara and hours, days, weeks, months of playing at the beach. It is my own desire that my kids develop just such a relationship with the outdoors. They spent the last two days learning to body surf with their Dad. It is getting harder to do 'natural' things when one lives in the city. Rich and I sat up last night trying to figure how to do a vegie garden and if it works out cheaper than buying vegies from the local market on Saturday morning. If it is worth the effort which I know it is.
Anyways ... just a reminder to take photos of your family. I seem to take a lot of photos of my work which is a good habit but I forget that this lot around me are growing older and bigger. And, don't forget to take photo's of yourself. I notice that while I have a lot of photos of the boys, their dad, their friends, my city, beach, work etc - photos of myself are rare. But for the record they are important (even when one is not pleased with how one looks in photos!). Do it for your grandkids.


carole brungar said...

Hi! Must say you look radient!! ;-D Carole

Normatika said...

Great photos! you're absolutely right about family photos! memories are very precious :-) btw, you're looking great!