Friday, February 27, 2009

toesies ...

Knuckles snoozing on our bed under the covers.
It's raining today which means my house is full of restless males - my two older sons, their friend, about six other friends of theirs turning up later and my man. Of course, it's a perfect day for stitching and I happen to have gotten my hands on some silk/cotton blend thread similar to what India uses on her cloth. Thanks to new textile friend Caroline. It's interesting because the two fibres pick up colour differently. I am working on a dress for myself which is a feat in that I have no dressmaking skills whatsoever. I picked up three vintage kimono at Asia Gallery in Kilbirnie last month and have figured out how to alter them to make me three new dresses. So currently I am slathering them with stitches. I found an old kerosene tin at Trash Palace (with no kero in it of course, so old not even any fumes) and it will be perfect to wrap my dress around this prior to chucking it in the old dye pot to get some colour going on that silk. And of course, cannot forget a few dozen mother of pearl buttons for the bling-factor. We are coming to the end of our summer season, I will miss the long warm sunny days. I certainly haven't missed the overcast grey skies. I am sure though that Knuckles and I will find plenty to keep us occupied during the long cool winter months. I like the idea of hibernating. Going into quiet mode. There's a few workshops on. Great to see that The Clever Crafting Project got a mention over at Craft 2.0 blog. And my mum has her own wonderful blog ( and I look forward to keeping tabs on her. She's a legend and I can't wait to see her and Dad at Easter.
BTW: Next Clever Crafting Project get together at Aunt Daisy's is the 11 March 2009. All welcome. Bring your project, a friend and some money for Daisy's coffee. Can't wait for show and tell. Don't be shy. If you live in Wellies, you are welcome. I promise you will have fun and we will have some giveaways. And I am starting a table with freebies so I can recycle all those resources we thought we needed and pass them on to other crafters for free. So come on down. x Rachelle


india flint said...

look at those lovely clean feet!

Ahipara Girl said...

Yep and so small. The other two sons however tend to carry half the beach into the car each and every trip we make. Still childhood memories must be of fun and not growly mums. R x