Saturday, March 21, 2009

It's all about family ...

Here is son #2 playing with my camera.
This is what six-year olds do to their poor unsuspecting mums. It is all about butts, poos, wees and farts. Everything and anything of that genre is hilarious if you are six. It's another matter if you are 38 years old, just had a baby and are caught wearing your pj's. Still this is us in real life.
My, how glamorous!
Dillon's birthday party today - Marcus being ever so shy.
Marcus, Caleb, Ojan and Dillon.
You got to love 'em! I do. (Spot the lady).
Porirua skatepark, March 09
Marcus warming up.
Chilling out on mum and dad's bed.
My sweet baby Knuckles plays with his puppy on our bed.
Little Richie
The boys wait patiently for everyone else to get ready.
Maia and little Richie
Knuckles wears his gorgeous new hat (thanks Betty-Ann) and the little purple velvet dungarees I found a Trash Palace for 50 cents. The embroidered Indian top underneath was 20 cents from a little shop in Tawa. All Knuckles needs is some dreadlocks. He was my gorgeous little hippy baby today.
Little Richie
This baby brings us all so much joy. He's so easygoing, readable and goodnatured. His brothers fuss over him. He has three fathers - dad and his two big protective brothers. They hover around me, fight over who's turn it is to hold him, cry or sulk if they get miss a turn or it's cut short, and critique my skills as a mother letting me know when the baby is hungry, hasn't had enough milk or has been left to cry too long. Sometimes they just glare at me when I put him down awake for his naps. Anyone would think I was new at this. Maia is 12 and has woken in the night, fed and put his baby brother back to bed without waking us. Marcus is proud as punch when we are in public, he just wants to show the world his cute baby. These are some special boys. We are feeling proud as punch about all of them.
Nemaia's classic pose, kissing his baby brother for the millionth time.

Last week little Richie had a dedication service along with all the new children at our church in Wellington. Marcus asked "What's a dedication thingy mum?" So I explained that it is where the Pastor says a prayer and we give Knuckles back to God because he doesn't belong to us. We're just get to keep him for a little while but he belongs to God. Marcus was quiet for awhile and then in all earnestness said "So, does he (the Pastor) throw him up in the air?" The kid is priceless!

Arise Church Wellington
Baby Dedication Service
March 2009

Richard (Snr), little Richie, and that girl from Ahipara.

Ps John Cameron blesses our dear wee one. It was truly magical.

Gillie give him her blessing and her warm smile.
Our extended whanau for the day: Hilarious, Knuckles is yawning his head off.
The Gregory's; The Baxter/Maurice's; the Cupples; the Teikamata's, and the Toimata family.
The four honey's - Beautiful women of God.
Ojan, Ayla, Elyn and Kat!
Marcus, Rich, Richie (aka Knuckles), Rachelle and Maia.

We could all hear the theme song to the Simpsons playing as we tried to squish ourselves into the littlest couch in the world. I kept trying to do bunny ears behind Maia's head but he is too old to be caught out anymore. Poor old Marcus, I just want to scoop him up and plonk him on my knee when I see these pictures. I didn't see that he was sitting on the floor. Nevermind, it looks like he's over the whole process anyway.
This is my blessing, to be part of an amazing group of men, all four of them. It's exciting watching their lives grow and their unique character take shape and form. I have been blessed abundantly. Talking with friend Danny today at the skatepark, we agreed that "it's all about family". I love it!
(I need to mention these dedication photos were kindly taken by Laurie from Arise Church who patiently waited while our lot made their way to the assigned area and organised ourselves. No easy feat although we had some laughs as we sorted ourselves out. Lots of fun. Thanks Laurie, the photos are great.)


imbi star said...

lil knuckles...ahhh what great shots! You have an ace family girl! Don't you love the hilarity of the ass shots??? My daughter loves to take photos of me in compromising positions and thinks it so funny! Especially early in the morning....hey hope you are well - are you making new work or just resting and treasure hunting??? methinks your hands would never be idle!!! Big aroha aroha see you across the ditch i hope some time in the next bit! xxxx i miss aotearoa - bless

ArtPropelled said...

Great family photos! Little Richie is adoreable and as for his little feet.....soooo cute.