Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Ponderings (Part II)

I always like blogs that are honest. So here is the honest truth about my home today.
Here they are, two of my blessings. The sick one home from school and our baby and the lounge which never looks tidy no matter how much I fiddle with it. Weird guy on tv from Animal Planet channel.
Marcus and Knuckles chilling out. Maia is holed up somewhere else in the house, home to help out his Mama with the boys today. He's a chip of his fathers block when it comes to helpfulness.
My corner of the lounge features:
a nebuliser for sick boy
pacifiers and baby bottle
basket of baby toys
laptop and phone (for contact with outside world of course)
cushion to support my back
Another corner features three overflowing baskets of clothes waiting for someone who cares enough to fold them.
Another basket of vitals: remotes, kids books, cellphone, inhalers, spit up cloth, bibs, computer cables. Such is my glamorous life right now.
The little boys room.
The kitchen sink, literally covered with evidence that we do eat ... peanut butter sandwiches and baby rice.
Marcus made his own juice again and left powder all over the bench again. There's crumbs from last weekends baking in those plastic containers and loads more crap over the only other bench top in the kitchen.
Yes, I need a shower and to change these clothes. The baby is cleaner than I am ... only just.
His highness Knuckles.It's grey outside and cold. I am looking forward to our church life group tonight and talking to other adults. My contribution ... hot chips from the fish and chip shop.


Jeana Marie said...

you rock. and my house is just as messy!

Beautiful Mo said...

What mess. We can't see any mess. We can only see loving honesty.We know how welcoming your home always is. And how happy you always are as a family. What we love about your family is how you always put your family happiness first. And how much you love other people who come to your home. Messy or Tidy. Your house is a real home full of love.
With all our love to your family.

india flint said...

shake out a large bag of dust bunnies, toss in 5 cats and 2 dogs and grow those three into larger versions and the whole scene becomes much more familiar...