Monday, June 8, 2009

Take 2: The 'to-do list" that's floating round in my head ...

  • Knit two pink hats (and embellish with crochet flowers in my craft stash) for neices (one in Hamilton, one to born yet in Auckland); Make up baby packs for them including handmade toys from glove creatures range. Repurpose using doilies, embroidery etc. Package soaps and handknited flannels.
  • Make some stationery including blank cards and dolled-up envelopes.
  • Print photos and create some albums for our family.
  • Create a family photo gallery in hall spaces.
  • Practice crochet with Cleo.
  • Make Knuckles a knitted jersey (my first garment).
  • Get small art journal just like India's and tip my head out into it.
  • Keep writing.
  • Dejunk house (yeah right)
  • Create handmade clothing for myself. Dyed, handstitched and embellished.
  • Send some gifts away (My mum, grandmother, Nina and Robyn are all long overdue).
  • Help Rachel finish her baby hat.
  • Have another knitty day with Shalom and Zoe.
  • Go to Hamilton for a few crafty days in the next school holidays with my neices while the boys play games.
  • Make Knuckles a memory baby book thingee (not quite scrapbooking, yes, I'm a snob of sorts cause I don't like those twee matchy-matchy versions).
  • Stitch, felt and dye cloth for the pure joy of it. Beautiful stitched and marked cloths.
  • Create artworks for my home.
  • Create custom art packs for the boys so they can do art whenever they please with their favourite products.
  • Create more customised small groups within craft circles: a knit group, a stitch/sewing/textile group, a papercrafts group and have gatherings once a month.
  • Help Cleo establish website.
  • More invitations to craft during the week for fellow mums to break down isolation and have some crafty goodness fun.
  • Create dark yoyo's and embellish dull clothes with them and some vintage buttons
  • Upglamour clothes with felted wool cloth circles and some embroidery.

Yes, I've noticed it's all about crafting. So?

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