Tuesday, June 16, 2009

taking five ...

I have discovered Facebook. It's been wonderful to catch up with friends, old and new, family and the curious. A bit time draining though, hours can pass. Needless to say that I love that my computer brings the outside world to me. Being an at-home mum again, I could feel isolated but I don't really. Winter is a good season to stay indoors and be cosy, craft, cuddle baby and do lots of comforting things. Despite my best intentions of starting and finishing works in progress, there is always something else that needs doing. I miss my work. I love my baby. It's not a difficult dilemna. Just an interesting one. Please leave a comment, its a bit tricky but I try and respond to everyone who comments. It's cool to get feedback. :)

I recently caught up with one of my favourite people in the whole world, India Flint who I feel so blessed to have as a friend. You can read about it here: http://prophet-of-bloom.blogspot.com/. She's author of Eco Colour, my bible when it comes to experimenting with natural dye processes on cloth. She's knitting too! It's winter and a good time to be knitting. With lots of babies happening at the moment, I am enjoying making little things for them. My love parcels are starting to look very cool. Wish I had more 'making' time. I'm loving all my crafty projects. I hope your warm and having fun too.


india flint said...

hey Rachelle
just woke up to lovely fog rolling in here in San Francisco but if you look carefully to the East you'll see me waving through the white blanket
a long-distance extension of that long white cloud of yours
looking back to when my Three were wee ones - those were good times, especially before the eldest stared school
time was our own and we filled it with all sorts of stuff. funny how quite a few of the roots of the work that nourishes me still are in things we did together
the first [conscious] felt i made was with the children...in the evening bath...wool rolled aroud a rolling pin with a layer of old sheet to stop it all sticking together
and they all [well, the youngest was clinging limpet-like to my hip] helped paint the 3 x 6 metre canvas that eventually became the sofa cover for an installation entitled "a room of one's own"
it wasn't all perfect - and sometimes there were Charles Dickens days [think "it was the best of times, and the worst of times" but hey any day you wake up breathing is a good one...
and if it felt like being remotely dodgy, well we'd just bake chocolate cake for breakfast. hot chocolate cake is such an important source of vitamins,,, enough rambling
sending heaps of love across the Pond

ArtPropelled said...

I'm still resisting Facebook....I know it will get me into trouble if I succumb.

Ahipara Girl said...

My girls! I love ya India and Robyn. Thanks for encouragement and support. To Betty Ann who rings, emails and drops by. To my mum, my bestest bestest friend.Big love and ups to you in Brizzie. Mwah. My coffee and cake is much better for having heard from all of ya.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ahipara girl,
I have just had a look at some of your photos, there is some great knitting going on there.
I looked up the pattern for the hooded scarf, it is from a Patons book called Winter Warmers. It has lots of hats and socks in it. I think the code is C46. I am happy to take a photo copy of the pattern for you and send it.

Jeana Marie said...

i am up far too late having just finished an assignment, which will be transported to my class (later this morning) by a kind fellow classmate, as i cannot attend due to sick wee babes.

and what i meant to say was - facebook, yes, a real blessing for me as i live halfway across this globe to the rest of my family, but all the apps and so forth are just ridiculously time consuming!

and i think i like what india's style of parenting seems like. if my babes weren't vomitting, we would definitely have choc cake for brekkie tomorrow. as it is we might have to have that gingerbread i made to take to my class for morning tea tomorrow.

i'm thinking flexibility is key.

(i study part time - girls in daycare 2 times a week - a mix of guilt at times but mostly its been one of the best things for our family, as we are far from home of origins)

twisted sister said...

Excuse me
is "love parcels"
some kind of euphemism?
x :)